In One Year I Would Like To...

In One Year I Would Like To...

Posted on April 22, 2016

In one year I would like to:  

  • Go back to Alaska on a mission trip.

  • Make a difference!

  • Be a Lego Master Builder.

  • Be able to buy a house.

  • Have a pet store.

  • Have a phone!

  • Expand my art and branch out.

Last Saturday, members of Grace Church and Shepherd Community Center partnered together on two significant projects: delivering box gardens and hosting a block party in the neighborhood around Shepherd.
The neighborhood block party is where the list above came from. At the block party, which stretched from the front yard of the first home that Shepherd is renovating across the street to more open green space, we had a large chalkboard where children and adults could write what they would like to have or where they would like to be in one year. And we had some amazing - and hilarious - responses written on the chalkboard by those who joined the block party.

For those who helped deliver box gardens, we moved a TON of dirt (or at least close to a literal ton I think) and delivered box gardens to neighbors and a police station to help provide more availability to fresh produce in our community.
Everyone who participated in the activities on Saturday made a true impact on the near Eastside of Indianapolis. We provided an avenue for neighbors to grow their own produce AND we provided the space for neighbors to grow community in fellowship over music, games, food, art, and conversations.
As I reflected on both projects (and nursed a great sunburn), I was reminded of the common thread that connected everything that happened on Saturday - and really everything that Grace and Shepherd do on a daily basis.
The common thread?
A positive and excited outlook on the future. A future that we dare to believe will be good - maybe even better - than today. A future safe in the hands of our loving God.
Everything we did on Saturday was centered on sharing, building, and spreading hope. And that is reflected in the responses on the chalkboard at the block party.
Hope for fresh produce and a healthy, sustainable diet.
Hope for a stable place to live and stable employment.
Hope for a better future for the near Eastside of Indianapolis.
Hope for a better future for Noblesville and Fishers.
Hope for new life for each of us in Jesus Christ.


This week, I am left pondering what I should write on that chalkboard. What am I hoping for? What would I like to see changed in one year's’ time?
So I pose the same question to you. Maybe your answer is personal, or maybe you feel led to be more invested with Grace Church.
In one year YOU would like to...what?
Answer that question.
And, grasping tightly to hope, go make it a reality through the power of Jesus of Christ.

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