Posted on December 14, 2016


In the spring of 2015, Dave Rodriguez introduced the re:generate initiative and said that re:generate would “take more leaders and leadership than we have ever had before.” With this vision for church multiplication through campuses and church plants, and the need for leaders and leadership keenly evident, the Center for Church Leadership was launched. 

Where we are headed will take more leaders and leadership than we have ever had before. Tweet: Where we are headed will take more leaders and leadership than we have ever had before.Tweet This

The Center for Church Leadership (CCL) exists to launch leaders into the mission of God. Within the congregation of Grace, it is CCL’s job to equip and develop leaders for the sake of God’s mission within the ministries of the church. This includes church multiplication, and wherever Grace members pursue the vision of God’s kingdom, such as in their families, workplace, volunteer efforts, and more. CCL supports the ministries of Grace in their leadership identification and development efforts by using the Volunteer Leadership Pathway, which assists all those engaged in leadership with an understanding of their role and function, at whatever step one finds themselves. CCL also supplements the specific efforts of each ministry with classes offered through the Leadership Forum, as well as attending the Global Leadership Summit. 

Another focus of CCL is our vocational leadership pathway. This pathway is for those considering a call to vocational ministry and who would like to explore, discern, or affirm that call. One way into this pathway is the Summer Internship, an eleven-week internship for those exploring a call to ministry. Though not required, this is an excellent launching pad for the nine-month Ministry Internship which assists people in discerning what their call to ministry is. Ministry Interns who would like to take their development further can move on to a Ministry Residency, where their time serving with a specific ministry team is increased as they seek to affirm their sense of God’s call to ministry. The final step on this pathway is the Pastoral Residency, which serves as CCL’s opportunity to equip and develop those who will serve in pastoral roles within Grace’s multiplication vision. 

For the intern and residency experiences, the focus of growth covers three areas: development of the person, meaningful ministry work, and capstone projects. The development portion ensures that they are growing in their spiritual and personal leadership formation. Meaningful ministry work ensures that they are actually getting to do the “work” of ministry. And capstone projects allow them the chance to have direct impact on the ministries with whom they serve, as well as practical experience.

Regardless of the pathway chosen, there is a place for any and every leader to be identified, equipped, and developed towards God’s unique calling for service. The Center for Church Leadership is the place to be launched into the mission of God!

Want to know more about CCL and experience it for yourself? Join us for the CORE of Grace Leadership class on Thursdays in January from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. There is no cost for this class and in it you will be introduced to CCL and come to understand the uniqueness of leadership at Grace as we introduce the “why,” “how,” “root,” and “who” of leadership.