Knowing Yourself: My Grace Internship

Knowing Yourself: My Grace Internship

Posted on April 08, 2016


Sometimes we need to read a book that makes us want to throw it across the room. I’m not talking about a book that you get upset with because your two favorite people didn’t end up together, or because the main character dies…I’m talking about a book that makes you realize more about yourself than you ever intended to know. A book that makes you realize why you act the way you do and why God made you the way He did. The Gift of Being Yourself is that book, the one David Bell often refers to as the book that gets thrown across rooms by interns. 

Yes, the internship program at Grace does help you decipher where you are called to go in life, but the reality is that you can’t know where you supposed to go until you begin to know yourself, and THAT is what impacted my summer at Grace the most. Yes, this program led me to an aspiration of working with children and families facing injustice, and yes, I learned practical ways to put my schooling to use with children. However, the real gift of being an intern at Grace is walking through a season of life with other Jesus-loving young adults and discovering yourself.

That brings us to now. The last 10 months have been a part of my hardest season of life since I became a follower of Christ. Despite this, the strength I now have since discovering myself has allowed me to continue to grow during this season. Yeah, life has been tough, but I have the ability to understand why I react the way I do in certain situations, how I need to adapt during a situation and how to turn any situation towards God. This is by no means easy to do, but the internship program has taught me so much about life that what once seemed impossible now seems possible.

Since my summer at Grace ended, I have remained highly involved in Grace Kids. There are few things in life that make me as happy as our kids at Grace. I love worshipping with them, watching them learn, and witnessing their growth. Not long ago, the kids were learning about how the disciples were scared of the big storm that occurred while they were traveling by boat, they were worried about how Jesus wasn’t scared of potentially drowning. Then, Jesus calmed the storm.

The kids were blown away by how amazing Jesus is. One little girl turned to me and said, “Are you ever scared like they were?” I responded, “Yup. I’m scared a lot but I know that God is always with me and helps me not to be scared”. With big eyes she turned around and continued to listen to the lesson. Would I have been able to say those words to her 10 months ago? I have no idea. However, I do know that the spiritual development that occurred in my life through the internship program at Grace has given me the confidence I needed to proclaim my faith.


You rocked the internship and I know you will make North Indy Grace Kids all it can be! Love your heart and passion but your friendship has been even more powerful!

Posted by Ann Stone on April 9, 2020 @ 5:56 am