Lead. Influence. Change Lives.

Lead. Influence. Change Lives.

Posted on January 16, 2017


Do you ever find yourself wanting to increase your leadership capacity? Do you wonder how you can be a better leader in your workplace, within your family, or when you are leading your small group at Grace? Do you think that if you develop in your leadership ability, you will influence more people for the greater good?
Everyone has influence—either with our actions, attitudes, or emotions—but not everyone takes responsibility for their influence. Except for leaders. Leadership is taking intentional responsibility for one’s influence so that others flourish.
The Center for Church Leadership hopes you have asked all of these questions and wants to be the place you come to find answers. This winter we are launching the Center for Church Leadership Forum. CCL Forum is where leadership ideas for God’s kingdom mission meet the spaces, places, and opportunities where disciples of Jesus lead––spaces such as family, the workplace, volunteering, non-profit engagement, ministry involvement, and more.
CCL Forum consists of five classes taken individually over time or, ideally, in succession over the course of one year. Each class is marked by relevant teaching and interactive engagement in learning cohorts, where facilitators lead guided discussions. This includes the Core of Grace Leadership class, which serves as the launch pad for CCL Forum. In this class, you get introduced to Grace’s unique leadership ideas that ground the church’s engagement in the mission of God. 

CCL Forum Classes

Leadership in the Mission of God

Starting Monday, January 23, this four-week class will focus more extensively on the “why” of leadership, where participants will come to understand the breadth of God’s mission in the world and their place in that mission, along with acquiring leadership practices and postures to integrate the mission of God into their spheres of influence. Learn more.

Scripture, Theology, and Leadership

Beginning February 20, this six-week class will focus more extensively on the “root” of leadership, where participants will connect their personal story to the story of the people of God, gain skills in how to cultivate godly leadership through scriptural engagement, and increase in their confidence to lead others through the Bible. Learn more.

Leading Together

Starting in April, this six-week class will focus more extensively on the “how” of leadership, where participants are taught the values and practices that lead to discerning God’s will, both individually and corporately, and engage key concepts for leading with others from a place of unity. Learn more.

The Transformed Leader

This five-week class will focus more extensively on the “who” of leadership, where participants will deepen their character for the high calling of leadership, and learn how their personality impacts their leadership by using the Enneagram Personality Inventory. This class will be offered Fall 2017.
It is CCL’s conviction that wherever you lead and for whomever you lead, understanding, engaging, and implementing these concepts that are pivotal to Grace’s leadership will serve to deepen your leadership impact for the sake of God’s mission.
Join us, starting in January 2017, for Center for Church Leadership Forum to expand your leadership capacity and develop your leadership ability. For more information about class dates and times, visit www.gracechurch.us/about/leadership/.