Making Of: Grace Kids Camp Promo

Making Of: Grace Kids Camp Promo

Posted on March 24, 2016


For one week every summer, our building is taken over by a thousand children, and hundreds of student and adult volunteers. Introducing Grace Kids Camp. It’s a week packed with unforgettable fun and incredible life change. These children walk away from camp understanding what it means and looks like to surrender your life to Jesus.

One of my favorite projects from start to finish every year is our promotional video for Grace Kids Camp. The video is shown in our services on the weekends leading up to camp, and used online for families and friends to spread the word and invite others to camp. We try to come up with a fun, upbeat video that incorporates the year’s theme and generates excitement for camp. This year was no different, take a look at our video for Grace Kids Camp 2016!

The process of making this video project happen is outlined below.


  1. We kicked off this video project by initially meeting with the Grace Kids Camp Leadership team, as they helped explain the message and imagery surrounding the theme of camp - The Knight’s Quest: Serving the King of Kings.

  2. Using those ideas, our Communications Team crafted a fun script that included knights, a dungeon, the Queen, and a dragon!

  3. After pitching the script to Grace Kids Camp (they loved it!), we all assigned roles on who was responsible for preparing what we needed. We had to build a dungeon, create a dragon, find our knights and queen, secure costumes, and locate props.

  1. We scheduled a day and time to film with everyone involved, and created shot lists and storyboards to help utilize our time best during filming.


  1. We had to transform one of the hallways in our building into a dungeon/dragon’s liar, so setup took a really long time. It took 10+ hours of setup time before we were ready to film.

  1. We shot with one camera (Canon 5D) and only one lens (Canon 50mm F1.4), knowing that we were mostly working in a dungeon type environment with very low lighting.

  2. The actual filming time only took 2 hours. We filmed the training flashback scenes outside first while we still had daylight (it was super windy and freezing), then moved inside to the dungeon scene. Everything went really smoothly and all the kid knights did a fantastic job!

  1. Tear down went a lot faster than setup, but still took around 3 hours.


  1. The whole editing process of capturing footage, cutting, color grading, audio mixing, and exporting took about 15 hours of time.

The entire project was shot on a very minimal budget for all the props and equipment, but we could not have accomplished this without the relentless help of some very talented staff and volunteers who made this happen.

I hope you enjoyed it, and can’t wait for next year’s!

Here are some past year’s Grace Kids Camp videos for your viewing pleasure.

Grace Kids Camp - Wild West from Grace Church on Vimeo.


My boys LOVE Grace Kids Camp! They wouldn't miss it for ANYTHING! Last year my oldest accepted Christ as his personal Savior at Grace Kids Camp! The promo video was so AMAZING! It had me in tears it was so POWERFUL! We are raising the next generation of leaders and the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in each one of these kiddos!!! Small but MIGHTY!!!

Posted by Molly on March 24, 2016 @ 10:14 am