Meet Matt!

Meet Matt!

Posted on January 14, 2017


Welcome to our newest Grace staffer, Matt Van Antwerp. He is fulfilling the role of Coordinator of Production Arts at our North Indy campus. We’re excited to have him on this team as we launch into the North Indy community this coming fall! Be on the lookout for updates as we prepare to launch offsite.

With a name like Van Antwerp, you might expect him to hail from Wales or Liverpool or Brussels, but Matt is from somewhere so much more exotic. He was born right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

You’ve probably seen Matt lurking around Grace a time or two before. Okay, not lurking...more like working. Not only has Matt been here for 15 years, he’s also been a volunteer for 10 of those years and joined us as a summer intern in 2015. He’s currently finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Sciences at IUPUI (for non-Hoosiers, that stands for Indiana University – Purdue University of Indianapolis). We’re curious, does IUPUI mean that you must be both a Purdue and an IU fan?

In his spare time, Matt enjoys photography, building, learning about technology and hanging out with his dog (seen in the photo above). He's also a Cubs fan, which is why you might see him smiling from ear to ear from now until spring training starts. We thought that Hannah and Shane had unique talents...Matt is just adding to the mix of unusual, but cool gifts. He can put his feet behind his head! Maybe he should be in Cirque Du Solei. Either way, we’re glad he found his calling here at Grace!

When asking Matt what his hopes and desires were for his role at Grace, he said, “I want to see people get connected and grow further in their passions and talents.” We know that he will go above and beyond to lead others well in fulfilling those passions.

If you see Matt around, be sure to give him a great, big welcome!