Meet Our New Worship Leader

Meet Our New Worship Leader

Posted on April 03, 2017


You may have seen her on stage a few weeks back, and now we’re officially thrilled to welcome Maron Gaffron to Grace Church as the new Director of Musical Worship - Central Support!

Maron is no stranger to Grace. She’s been aware of this great, big place for a few years now because her father is friends with Craig Boyer (you know…the one married to our 146th Street pastor). Craig (fun fact: some know him as Doc) was in a band with Maron’s dad in the early 90’s, so she’s known Craig since she was a child and heard about the job opening from him. The weekend Maron auditioned at Grace was her first time visiting and in her words, “It blew her mind!” Maron said that she was particularly impacted by the Care Center because she helped operate a large-scale food pantry at her church in Chicago! She knows what a huge undertaking it is to provide food to people on a weekly basis and had never seen a pantry as clean, organized, and well stocked as the one at Grace!

After high school, Maron went into full-time urban missions working at a homeless shelter, and serving in a church community known as Jesus People USA on Chicago’s north side. She also met her husband there, and together they served there for nearly 10 years, working with the poor, the homeless, the elderly, the very young, and everyone in between. This was also when she began her music ministry. Maron has had some amazing jobs through the years, most of them in the field of elementary education/special education, but the one thing that has remained constant is leading worship. She told us that she always been happy to faithfully serve her home church each weekend. Additionally, she would frequently lead worship for other church’s special events, or mid-week services. Maron says that these experiences were invaluable to her and taught her to think on her toes, and quickly adapt to different musician’s styles of playing. Most importantly, it taught her that worship is both universal as well as transcendent. If she’s worshiping God from her heart, that translates to any congregation and can even override language barriers. 
In her recent travels from church to church, as well as serving at her home church, Maron’s had the great pleasure of raising up her son to participate as part of her own worship team. He is 13 years old and has been playing with his mom since he was 7 as a drummer, singer and percussionist! Her daughter is all about art and theater too! Maron is excited about the ways she and her family will see these things being implemented for God’s glory, at Grace Church. In addition to Maron and her kids, we’re also excited to have her husband as a part of our community! He loves people and enjoys working with troubled teens and adults! 

Maron’s favorite hobbies? She loves cooking. biking, hiking, jogging, and generally being outside. She’s fairly crafty to and enjoys making things (food, music, clothing, home decor, halloween costumes, etc.). Maron also likes finding a good antique store because one of her other hobbies includes refinishing old furniture. Have a local store that’s your fave? Leave a comment below for her!

Maron has one of the “funniest” unique “things.” Once, her mother-in-law gave her a book entitled “The Birth Order Book.” It was supposed to give a general description of personality type based on birth order. The funny part, she is the oldest of her mother’s children and the youngest of her biological father’s that book doesn't really apply.

What does she hope to accomplish being on staff at Grace? Maron says, “I know that serving at Grace will afford me ways to be stretched beyond anything I may have done in the past. I am looking forward to embracing those challenges. I am also looking forward to deepening my understanding of music theory. I know I will be working with great people who have strengths in the areas where I feel weaker. I look forward to learning from them. I am looking at what’s in front of me as a season of growth. Growth and servant leadership.”
We are so blessed to have Maron on staff. Take a moment and welcome her in the comments below!


Loved worshipping with you on Easter Sunday! I look forward to knowing you better. You'll occasionally see me behind a camera @146th and my husband, Jeff, in front of one as part of the drama team. Welcome!

Posted by Marcy Carmichael on April 30, 2017 @ 6:23 pm

WelcomeI love to find cheap furniture and redo. Go to gsair and register for garage sales. Also register for estate sales.Have your hubby connect with the men of grace wed am at any campus. Love these guys.

Posted by Jeff Asher on April 29, 2017 @ 6:46 pm

Posted by Karen Grooms on April 15, 2017 @ 5:18 pm