My Grace Internship: An Administrative Mission

My Grace Internship: An Administrative Mission

Posted on March 19, 2016


When I began the year-long internship program in 2010, I was a new college graduate seeking direction in life. I spent 4 years studying Elementary Education when I realized that teaching wasn’t the best fit for me. I had grown up in the church and my faith had always been an important part of my life. I started to wonder if vocational ministry would be better for me.

Even though I had volunteered, traveled on mission trips, lead as a student leader, and continued seeking God in college, I had no vocational ministry experience. Knowing myself, I couldn’t just leap into something without knowing what to expect. So, the year-long intern program at Grace seemed to be the perfect fit.

I wasn’t very deep into the program when I realized that doing ministry gave me joy. I looked forward to work every day. I was blessed to work alongside amazing people in Grace Kids. I was given practical ministry experience. I also wasn’t sheltered from the reality that it can be difficult being on the front lines. Not everything in ministry is sunshine and roses – just like in every area of life. The internship gave me a genuine reality of what vocational ministry could be. 

So much so, that at the end of my internship I was confident that God had designed me for ministry. I also learned that He has made me a relational being and also gifted me in the areas of Administration. A close second to impacting lives for Jesus, color-coding and organizing give me great joy!

I feel so blessed to have had a year of self-discovery and affirmation. Knowing that I could walk into vocational ministry with confidence and peace made the decision to work at Grace Church even easier. I absolutely love what I do in Merge as the Administrative Assistant. Working in the High School Ministry gives me the opportunity to be relational and administrative. I love being able to support my staff team and our volunteer team so that they are available to minister to students directly.

I believe God puts people and opportunities in our path, and I’m so glad I said yes to the internship program at Grace! Learn more and apply here.