New to Grace Care

New to Grace Care

Posted on August 18, 2017


Wendy Herrberg

Greg Overby, Associate Pastor of Grace Care, recently retired after 12 years on staff. While we are sad to see him go we are excited as he will still be around Grace and gets to venture into a new life that includes spending copious amounts of time with his kids and grandkids. We are excited to announce the newest staff member to be stepping into his shoes, Wendy Herrberg!

Wendy and her wonderful husband have three incredible children and an even more incredible story. When she and her husband were dating, they discovered their mutual passion for adoption and knew this was how they wanted to someday build a family. She says, “This experience grew us in ways beyond what we could ever imagine. Anything we thought we had control over or could plan for became a running joke because the process ended up taking twice as long and costing twice as much as we had anticipated. God clearly revealed that He was in control of this journey and we just needed to chill out and be obedient. On Christmas Day 2008, we were blessed to receive our three children in a hotel room in Murmansk, Russia. You can imagine the chaos and comedy of becoming instant parents to a 6, 3, and 2-year-old who spoke a different language. However, as with most spiritual journeys and challenges in life, we would never want to change the narrative because it produced the rich fruit and spiritual growth that we all long for.”

Wendy’s first career was as a Registered Nurse. After graduating from Anderson University, she worked in the housing projects of Chicago for the Department of Public Health. She then moved back to Indianapolis and worked on the oncology/hematology unit at St. Vincent Hospital. Through these experiences, God taught her how important it was to live an integrated life. More specifically how the mind, body, and spirit all work together, or at times, against each other when life’s challenges arise. Her desire to learn more about this holistic approach to caring for people continued to grow, so she decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Counseling at Cincinnati Christian University. Wendy intentionally chose this program because of its strong emphasis on combining biblical truth with counseling principles. This degree, coupled with her nursing background, gave Wendy a unique window into how people process and find purpose in their pain; hence her passion for Care Ministry began.

Her first opportunity to explore this passion was at East 91st Street Christian Church where she served on the Care Ministry team for 13 years. Wendy’s most recent ministry experience was on the southeast side of Indianapolis at Indian Creek Christian Church or “The Creek” as it is typically known. Although her time at The Creek was very fruitful, the lengthy commute each way became a detractor to family time. Therefore, she asked God to provide a ministry opportunity on the north side, closer to home. Soon after voicing that prayer, I received a call regarding the position of Associate Pastor of Grace Care. In true Grace fashion, God led her to where she is being called and we can’t wait to see how He uses her in this role!

When she’s not working or with family, Wendy enjoys baking, chocolate chip cookie bars, brownies and chocolate cake are her favorites! She also loves reading and some of her favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, John Townsend, Henry Cloud, Mark Batterson and Brene Brown. Wendy also likes to learn new skills whenever possible. Her newest skills…domestic relations mediate and life coaching.
When asked what Wendy most hopes to contribute as a staff member, she says, “I hope to contribute in a meaningful way to the mission and vision of the church.”

Krista Seeds

In addition to Wendy, we have another person to welcome on our Outreach & Care Team! Krista Seeds is no stranger to Grace. In fact, she’s been around for over 15 years now! We are excited she has decided to come on board as our Director of Case Management in the Care Center. Krista says, “I am honored and excited to be on staff. Grace has been like a family to me over the years.”

For half of our congregation that is Indiana University fans, you’ll be happy to know that Krista is an IU alumna. (For those of you that are Purdue fans, please be nice to her anyway. For those of you that are Taylor grads, don’t fret, so is half of our staff.) After graduating from IU, Krista went on to become a Pediatric RN. She used her degree, experience, and love for kids as a catalyst to launch Safe Families for Children in Central Indiana in 2008. Safe Families is a national organization that started in 2003 and has since hosted over 24,000 kids! Grace is also a partner to this wonderful organization. Learn more here.
Krista and her husband, Jim, have 9 kids together. She says that they are the modern-day Brady Bunch. They absolutely love kids of all ages and have been foster parents and Safe Families parents since 2001.

As you can imagine, with 9 kids, they have all the spare time in the world (yes, that was sarcasm). So, in her “spare” time, Krista enjoys kickboxing, calligraphy, gardening and working on puzzles of all kinds. If you have any suggestions, she’d love some! She also enjoys reading and spending time outdoors in whatever way she can.

A few random fun facts about Krista:

  • She and her kids once hatched and raised a peahen (female peacock) from a giant egg. How? They kept it in a Styrofoam box in their house. Once it hatched, they named her Mrs. Peabody and say that she thought she was a human.

  • They have been parents to over 100 children, and sometimes homeless moms with their kids.

What does Krista hope to accomplish as a staff member at Grace? She says, “Engaging Grace people in meaningful service by providing for the weak and needy. I have seen how loving and serving our neighbors bring us closer to Jesus and deepens our faith. The potential to impact the Kingdom through Grace is enormous and I hope to help in the harvest.“
Let’s welcome both Wendy and Krista by leaving a comment or word of encouragement below.



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