Not Called

Not Called

Posted on March 06, 2018


You can’t deny the crisis of our Foster Care System and our most vulnerable children. The news is everywhere, and the statistics are alarming. There are families that answer the call to foster, but are overwhelmed at the challenge and cannot continue. Caring for widows and orphans is mentioned over 60 times in the Bible. But, I am not called to foster and I am not called to adopt. What can I do?

Last Summer, I ran into Suzy Roth, Executive Director of Grace Partner Hands of Hope at the Leadership Summit. As we were catching up, she began to tell me about Care Communities. I learned that 50 percent of Foster Families quit in the first year or first placement. However, where Care Communities have been implemented, they have been able to get this statistic down to five percent. Yes, five percent. A Care Community is a group of 6 to 8 people who come around a Foster Family to provide support and encouragement that helps to result in sustainability for the Foster Family and in turn, the Foster child.

Well that, I can do.

Our Care Community was in place. It was time for the Meet and Greet. Our Care Community brought dinner to the Foster Family’s home to meet the family and get to know one another. Our family has three biological sons (10 and under) and a foster son L. I was particularly touched when it was time to say grace. Mom asked the gaggle of boys if anyone would like to pray. L quickly raised his hand and said, “I will, I will.” As he began to pray, he hesitated a bit and looked at mom and said, “I don’t remember.” She was very reassuring to L that it was ok. At the same time, their 10-year old son very sweetly put his hand on L’s back and he was able to finish the prayer. I could feel that slight swelling behind my eyes (like now). It was precious. I was just amazed at this family. They shared with us some of their fostering journey. While it is not all neatly tied up in a bow, they press on in the business of their own lives and raising their own sons to reach out to make a difference in the life of a child. What a privilege to serve in a very small way alongside them.

I am amazed at all foster families, adoptive families, safe families and extended family members caring for these precious kids. They have opened their homes and lives to the unknown. Truly leaning into the broken places in this world. But, they need support. If a Care Community can give the support needed to keep these families in the game, it is a win for the children and a win for the Kingdom. I may not be called to foster or adopt. But, I am called to do something.

Next Steps

Care Communities Training

Foster parents are on the front lines of battling a very broken place in our world. You can make a difference by supporting them through a Care Community. It could be as simple as providing one meal/month. Learn more at the upcoming training! If you would like more information regarding Care Communities contact Heidi Porterfield
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Every Child Conference

The Church is God’s plan for caring for Indiana’s hungry, poor, homeless, abused, orphaned and neglected children. Join us to learn how you can step into this role and serve Every Child in Indiana.
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