Prayer: Entering Boldly into the Presence of God

Prayer: Entering Boldly into the Presence of God

Posted on February 01, 2017


I can totally relate to the sermon that Amy Christie delivered over the weekend. There was a time in my life when I felt like I had been out of touch with God for so long that if Iíd tried to call Him up, Heíd see my name on the caller ID and just not answer. I didnít feel like I had lived my life in a way that I deserved any of His time or consideration. And the whole time, I had no idea that God had been trying to reach meóexcept I had my phone on silent apparently.

​I didnít feel worthy. I didnít know how to pray without seeming like a selfish little child who just wanted something. So I avoided that relationship with God, even though I had this nagging feeling that I was missing something huge in life. But God kept trying to reach me through little nudges, intuitions, signsÖ He works that way in all of our lives, because He so desperately wants a relationship with all of us. Thatís why He gave us Jesus.

Amy pointed us to the book of Hebrews, and explained that Jesus died so that we can boldly enter into the presence of God. Prayer is our direct line of communication with God, but many of us just donít do it. And Amy outlined a few ideas why that may be the case:

1. Iím too busy

2. Iím not worthy

3. It doesnít work

The first is a reason that most of us can claim. But when weíre busy and overwhelmed, isnít that when we need the power of prayer to provide clarity and direction in life? If we donít make time for prayer, itís likely that weíll start to drift. Busy, overwhelmed and drifting is a dangerous combination. Check out Amyís sermon notes on the Grace Church app to find a great list of practical ways to jump back in with prayer.

If, as I described about my own life, youíre feeling like God may not want to take your callómake your first prayer about telling Him that. Lay it all out. Tell Him how much you want Him in your life. Talk about those feelings. He is that friend who you can call up and itís like you never even lost touch. He loves you. I think youíll feel a lot better after a heart to heart. Jesus made each and every one of us worthy of that undeniable love.

The third reason is a little more touchy. Amy talked about a lot of ways that God had shown up for her through her prayersóand sometimes it happens in ways we donít expect. Just because itís not the answer we want or expect doesnít mean that prayer doesnít work.

Iíve got another personal story about a prayer answered in a way I hadnít expected. And Iím going to be a little vulnerable here. Almost 5 years ago, I lost my dad when he took his own life. What I honestly wanted to pray was ďJust give him back!Ē All I wanted was to turn back time, talk some sense into my dad, and have my life back the way it was before we lost him. It was so painful, and I was deep, deep, deep in the valley. One evening in the days following my tragedy, I looked up at the stars and asked, ďWhy did this happen?Ē I got my answer from God loud and clear. I wasnít getting my dad back, but I did get a little taste of the kind of peace that only God can provide in the times weíre trudging through that valley. In that moment, I finally understood what it meant to truly trust God. And now, I understand what an inspiration it can be to others when I allow God to work through me. I may not have gotten the answer I wanted to pray for, but Iím not disappointed in the least with where Godís taken me through it.

Give prayer a chance. Listen for the ways that God answers, and be vigilant for the times when He shows up. I canít say it any clearer than Amy said it: ďLetís enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit and drift no more.Ē