Precious in His Sight and Ours

Precious in His Sight and Ours

Posted on April 14, 2016

Some years ago I took pictures at a Grace Kids event in Central Auditorium. Within a few days, I was sitting with the Grace staff person in charge of the event at her desk paging through the pictures together. As we did, there were pictures that brought laughter, others that brought tears, and still others that were a great surprise. (by the way, want to join the team? click here!)
Jack! Look! The kids are READING the Bibles we gave them! Yeah, this one brought surprise, laughter, AND tears, as you might imagine.
The fact is that this leader had been so busy organizing, administering, encouraging, and even ministering that she hadn't been able to really be a part of things or to see how the kids and the families were enjoying themselves. The pictures we were sharing were essentially returning the blessing in a way that wouldn't have happened otherwise. She was able to realize the importance, the value, and the blessing. She saw that these families understood that they were very precious in His sight, and to us.
More recently, our team volunteered to take portraits of the individuals and families who are served by our Grace Care Center. We'll write more about that AMAZING experience sometime soon. Special projects like these along with ongoing events like monthly baptisms are great blessings for each of us that serve God at Grace with our cameras.
I've taken many thousands of pictures at Grace; our team has taken many many thousands of pictures. Still, it amazes me how significant these pictures are to people. I checked a few moments ago - within the past few weeks people have been going back and viewing pictures from as far back as five and six years ago - hundreds of views of the older pictures, and still thousands of views of the newer events. 
Want to hear some photography team trivia?

  • A recent Merge (High School Student Ministry) event has well over 50,000 picture views.
  • Baptism galleries typically have at least as many picture views.
  • Fishers Campus Ground Breaking picture gallery is still a very popular destination for many.
  • We take family group pictures for Family Dedication groups that are viewed and downloaded in surprisingly high numbers.

Some time back on a Baptism weekend, two of our volunteers were taking pictures from the front rows.  As I sat in an upper seat area, I noticed how many cameras (video and still) were being utilized to make sure everyone in the auditorium now and later was able to share in this moment. For a second or two, I worried that maybe it was a little too much, but then I noticed that one of the video camera operators reached into his pocket, pulled out a hanky, and dried his eyes of tears.
When we look at the pictures that are provided by members of our team, we still laugh, we still cry, and sometimes we're still a little surprised. 

We want the people of Grace to know that each of them is Precious in His Sight by demonstrating that they are Precious in OUR sight.
If you have use of a digital camera and would like to serve God at Grace in this way, we need more volunteers to serve on our team.  We have very minimal requirements:

  • Have use of a digital camera
  • Be willing to attend team meetings
  • Be willing to volunteer on a monthly basis
  • Submit to a background check

I would be very happy to talk with you, answer any questions you might have, and to provide additional information. Please click here to provide more information and I'll be in touch as soon as possible. 

Here's just a taste of some photos our volunteer photographers have taken!