Ready, FIRE, Aim...Trust.

Ready, FIRE, Aim...Trust.

Posted on May 26, 2016

About one year ago this time, the world was shifting fast.
I, along with my wife Marissa, was about to step in as the first Church Plant Resident at Grace. We, Grace Church included, knew what that meant as much as I understand quantum mechanics. We all felt God was calling us forward, and that is all we knew. Now was the time to light the fuse and launch out a cannon before we made sure we were aiming at what we didn’t know what to aim at.
We launched out and are still in the air, flapping our arms with all we got.

As I try to learn what it means to plant a church in Bloomington under Craig Knisley, I find myself flapping endlessly trying to feel some air catch and keep me flying. The flapping does nothing, and as I reflect over the past year I am so glad my puny arms do not hold wind.
See, we thought that we shot out of the cannon without that cannon ever being aimed, and in some ways we did. As I am watching the ground move below me, I am starting to see a target form out in the distance. There is still a lot of space between me and that target, but I can’t help but notice that God had aimed that cannon when we weren’t looking. All God asked me, my family, and Grace was to get in, and God knew where it was going.

  • Our family had our financial support come in quicker than anybody expected for this first year, and God is already proving faithful as we start into the process for year two.

  • There are over 40 people from Grace who have joined our BUILD team to help launch this church healthy, and three families in Bloomington!

  • We make seemingly daily connections that move Grace Church Bloomington forward one baby step at a time.

  • People’s lives are already being transformed into a movement of God’s Kingdom in Bloomington, and we haven’t even moved yet!

There are still lots of things coming that do not have an answer yet: housing for our hopeful move in June, our first child due on July 20, more Bloomington folks, a place to gather as a congregation, and the other million things involved in a church plant.
The point is though, our aiming would have only held us back from being where we are now and all that God has done through us. It is because we loaded up to launch into God’s Kingdom that we have seen the Kingdom move forward.
Are you being called to hop in a cannon? Is your own aiming causing you to stay on the launch pad?
We would love to have you join us. The view is beautiful, and the air up here is filled with life.