Round 2 Preview. Round 1 Postmortem

Round 2 Preview. Round 1 Postmortem

Posted on March 14, 2018

Ok so yesterday was wild. We launched the Bible Character Craziness tournament and saw some of our most beloved Bible characters face off against some of our not-so-favorite characters (I'm looking at you, Absalom). Predictions were running rampant. 

Maron predicted that Job would meet Enoch in the final match of the tourney. Barry is taking the underdog Isaiah (although he might be a ringer) to the final round. I've got my eyes on John. But now we have one round of results in the bag! So let's take a look at some of the upsets and not-so-upsets. 

First off, let me just say that Judas got 10% of the votes against Samuel. 10%!!!! Nonetheless some of our least favorite characters couldn't draw out a victory. We wave goodbye to the likes of Absalom, Cain, Ananias, and Judas. Good riddance. But again, Judas got 10% of the vote. 


Most of the first round was chalk (that's the term they use to say that the higher seeds won - kinda weird). But there were some notable upsets. Let's take a look. 

As we talked about in this week's pod, Maron picked James to upset Mary in Round 2. Well unfortunately for Maron, James was upset by Ruth. There will be a lot of "unfortunately for Maron" comments in this post, unfortunately for Maron. But that upset pales in comparison to Rebekah upsetting Jonah.  Ok, so a 10 defeating a 7 isn't that huge of an upset. But let's take a look at who these people were. Rebekah conspired against her husband, Isaac to have her favorite son steal, Jacob, steal Isaac's blessing away from hairy Esau. Jonah, on the other hand, was eaten by a fish and lived to tell about it! 

What else do we have in upsetland? Isaiah defeated Old Testament Joseph. Not too surprising, given that I learned Isaiah is basically the man. But, it appears that the trend in Round 1 was to vote chalk. Once I saw that trend happening (Sarah beating the breaks off of Samson, Elijah smoking Elisha, etc.), I figured that Isaiah was doomed. Not so! He advances to play against John the Baptist in Round 2. 

Which leads us to preview round 2...

This is where this tourney gets real good. Some tasty matchups include: 

Northwest Bracket

#1 Paul vs. #9 Timothy - the ultimate teacher vs. pupil matchup. Paul is a heavy favorite since he taught Tim everything he knows. But Timothy is young and feisty. He has some stomach issues that he's persevering through and looking for the major upset. 

#6 Solomon vs. #3 Peter - woah! The wisest man ever going up against the rock of the church! Also Peter made some pretty unwise decisions in his lifetime. So we'll see what wins out here.  

Southwest Bracket

#6 Rahab vs. #3 Adam - They both come in with 73% of the vote from their last round match up. It'll be interesting to see if voters appreciate an unexpected heroine over the unexpected heel. Rahab basically saved the day for her family and for the Israelites. While Adam basically ruined everything for everyone. Keep your eye on this one. 

Northeast Bracket

#1 Mary vs. #8 Ruth - Mary got 100% of the votes last round. Can Ruth make that a little closer? 

#10 Isaiah vs. #2 John the Baptist - I'd tune in to watch this matchup on t.v. The most quoted prophet in all of scripture vs. the voice calling out in the wilderness. Who ya got!? 

Southeast Bracket

#6 Mary Magdalene vs. #3 Esther - what a great match up for such a time as this (bible humor). 

Happy voting everyone, and may your predictions win! Check back tomorrow to see the Round 2 results! 

P.S. - unfortunately for Maron, her fav Enoch was defeated at the hands of my champion pick, Apostle John. Unfortunately for Maron, that means Job better step up his game. 



I'm with Maron. I saw James going much further.

Posted by Rick Miles on March 14, 2018 @ 11:45 am