Saying Yes

Saying Yes

Posted on July 13, 2016


Jess (right) and I (left) are outreach interns this summer at Grace, and we have developed a bit of a mantra: “You never know what you are going to do when you work in Outreach.” Or when you are volunteering for that matter. Sure, you might have an idea. You could be doing landscaping or painting or gardening; but you don’t really know until you get there. We both showed up at Serve Noblesville ready to do whatever it might be this week.
Serve Noblesville is an annual event that sends volunteers out throughout the community to do everything from giving blood to building benches. Upon arriving, Jeff and I had no idea what project we would be assigned. We were sent to the Boys and Girls Club to build bookshelves and benches….not exactly what I viewed as my forte. I quickly rose my hand to tell the group I, in fact, had never built a thing in my life and then an hour later I was using a power saw. It’s wasn’t a big deal, but it was a big deal. 
She learned how to use a saw… and I learned how to design furniture. Now, to be clear, I am not a creative or artsy person. I am not particularly skilled in design or construction. I never really thought that I would ever have to figure out how to build a bench out of lumber. But I did. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was a big deal.

Like we said, it really wasn’t a big deal; but we are still excited about all that we got to experience and learn while we served last week. We also met some really wonderful Women of Grace who made the experience just that much greater. Not to mention that the whole day was simply really fun.

Very few of us were particularly skilled or prepared for what we were doing, but we said yes. That’s all God really needs, is people willing to say yes. Serving opportunities are happening at Grace year round, and there is something for everybody. Even if you are completely unqualified (like us).

If you want to look into any of those wonderful opportunities, visit our Partners & Outreach page!