She Can Lick Her Elbow

She Can Lick Her Elbow

Posted on November 19, 2016


We have another new staff member at Grace! We are excited to welcome Hannah Hepler, who has stepped in as the Director of Programming for Infants and Toddlers & Second - Fifth Grades at 146th Street (well, that’s a mouthful of a title!). So, in other words, she is a part of the Grace Kids team. Hannah grew up in DeKalb, IL with her parents and two older brothers. She, like many of our wonderful Grace staff (for example, the wonderful David Bell and Carrie Honeycutt), graduated from Taylor University. Hannah has a degree in Studio Art with a Concentration in Ceramics and Sculpture. After graduating, she decided to leave the Midwest and live with her best friend near Washington D.C. While she was there, Hannah had the opportunity to teach art and volunteer at the Smithsonian! A few years later, she moved to Chicago in order to be closer to my family. Eventually, God had other plans for Hannah and now she finds herself in Indiana, still among family and many college friends!

Hannah would describe herself as light-hearted and loves experiencing new things! Got a unique recipe, hiking trail, or obscure board game (see the top 76 board games of all time)…let her know because she’ll want to try it! (Seriously, if you do, leave a comment below for her!) Hannah also loves reading fictional novels, sewing (and anything else artistic/craft related), cooking, running and hiking!

One unique fact about Hannah…she can lick her elbow! No one believed this was physically possible, so we put her to the test and made her show us! It’s real, people.

When asked what her the one thing she hoped to accomplish as a staff member, she said, “My biggest hope is for relational growth. I hope for growth in my relationship with Christ and in the volunteers, I will be working alongside. A positive and lasting impact cannot be made in Grace Kids without those relationships.” We are so grateful to have her with us. Welcome, Hannah!