Something I'll Never Forget...

Something I'll Never Forget...

Posted on October 17, 2019


If Café Patachou had a frequent diner’s program, by now I would be eating free for life.  I’ve got the menu memorized. And I have a favorite table at each. This the result of years of face to face encounters with guys over omelets at 7:00 a.m. (normally I’m the first customer through the door).

I will never forget the life stories I’ve exchanged with Ryan, Greg, Steve, Jeff, Bruce, Frank, Matt, Jerry, Sean and dozens of others. In writing this blog I did a search of my calendar and was stunned at the number of men I’ve met for discipleship. 

This idea of discipleship…”follow me as I follow Jesus”…is at the foundation of Grace Church. It is our North Star. Our purpose. Our vision. It is the thing we do and will always do. I will never forget those moments over cinnamon toast as we explored issues of faith and trust and generosity and prayer. I will never forget the tears. Lots of tears. We agonized over broken marriages, failing bodies, job loss, and life transitions. And I will never forget those moments of magic when we dreamed together about purpose and calling and destiny.  How many cups of coffee did I drink with these friends as we held our feet to the fire of surrender to Jesus? Too many to count. I think I will be jacked up on caffeine for life.

So when someone asked, "Dave, what will you remember the most?"'s their faces that appear. There are a lot of things I’ll never forget in my 40+ years of pastoral ministry but those sleepy-eyed moments, many before the sun had even risen, will be ones I cherish. It's why I get up every morning. It's the thing I love most about my job. And, they will not come to an end. Discipleship is in my blood. And it remains the biggest “why” of Grace Church. As followers of Jesus, it's something we're ALL called to do! 

Hey, why don’t you make some memories of your own? Who are you discipling? They are in your life. Go to them. Look them in the eye and say “will you follow me as I follow Jesus?”. And if you choose to meet them over breakfast you’ll likely see me there with a friend enjoying the granola which is almost as good as mine.


Posted by Chuck Gross on October 19, 2019 @ 8:29 pm

Posted by Chuck Gross on October 19, 2019 @ 8:28 pm

WOD unleashed the poet in my wife Vivian. Now she writes about all aspects of her life as a Christ follower. Other lives are being impacted. It is her destiny.

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