Surrender: Not My First Baptism

Surrender: Not My First Baptism

Posted on April 13, 2016

This was not my first baptism. I was saved in a Missionary Baptist Church when I was twelve. Shortly after, I was baptized. Since I started attending Grace ten years ago, I have believed that the one baptism was good enough. That I didn't need to be publicly baptized again. It seemed vain or frivolous to me.

I attended this service without my family. I wasn't even in a particularly good mood. I didn't even join the main auditorium for service because the worship music was too loud when I arrived. I sat on the couch in the lobby and watched on the TV. I did enjoy the service. At the end of the service, I was thinking good service, and bonus, I will be out early. My husband and I were meeting some friends for dinner.
When Eness asked us to bow our heads and pray, Jesus told me that I needed to go in for my baptism. I immediately started my list: I don’t have clothes to change into, I don’t have a brush, I was going out for dinner and wasn't sure I would be on time, etc., etc. Jesus answered me in two words: Trust Me. When he said that, I knew I couldn’t leave and I couldn't just sit there. 

I don't know how many times Eness said Trust in Jesus during her sermon. I should go back and count them.
I walked into the main auditorium and I stopped before walking towards the stage and asked, again, if this is what He wanted. Again the answer was Trust Me. I took a deep breath and walked to the front. I still felt awkward. I met a young lady in the changing area. She was so happy and bubbly. I think her name was Alison. She said she hadn't planned on being baptized either and didn't have anything to change into. I was still nervous walking to the water. 

After dressing, I thought I could sneak out, but one of my friends was standing right there with the biggest smile on her face and she gave me a wonderful, warm, calming hug (I am a hugger).  I stood with her and her family for the rest of the service and sang (I am NOT a singer). 

Looking back on what was said in the service, church is not about me or what I think, what I feel or do. It is about pleasing God, and to please God is to do one thing; believe in Jesus Christ and the One who has sent him.

Trust in Jesus.