Technology & Sabbath

Technology & Sabbath

Posted on November 15, 2019


Sometimes I forget that taking a Sabbath day, a day to rest and step away from work, is one of the Ten Commandments. When God was giving the Israelites the TL:DR (too long; didnít read) version of His law, He stuck together not murdering people (good), not lying (also good), and taking time to rest. Sabbathing is important to God and too often I forget about it.

Sabbathing is about more than just lounging in your pajamas all day (though no shame). When God took the first Sabbath after creation, he wasnít just browsing through Netflix. He reveled in the goodness of His work. He enjoyed His labor. He was still.
To me, when I Sabbath, I should be able to fully step away from the things that pull away from God. Quiet time with my husband Ė brings me closer to God. Kitten snuggles and a book about people/experiences new to me Ė brings me closer to God. Scrolling through Facebook for an hour Ė not so much. The distraction that comes with my phone isnít God-honoring. It doesnít allow me to look around at the creation that God has given me.

Taking a Sabbath from our screens and technology is important. We need to take time away from the emotional labor of our screen to look at what God has placed around us. Because letís face it: technology makes it hard for us to use it in healthy way! Itís set up to make us addiction and dependent. And I only want to be dependent on God. When Iím on my phone, itís easy to slip into patterns of comparison/jealousy and detachment from those I care about.

So Iím taking the No-Screen challenge. Itís going to be hard. Iíll want to text my mom or post a cute picture of my cats, or even just scroll through social media as I slowly wakeup. But I know that instead of feeding my addition, Iíll be feeding my relationship with Christ. Iíll pursuing the things that restore me and renew me, instead of the things that leave me empty inside.

All God wants is for me to stop. Look up. Look out. Rest in what He has given me. To be still. To Sabbath.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What would it look like to have a weekly No Screen day?

  • What is God nudging you to pay attention to instead of screens?

  • How can Sabbathing strengthen your relationship with God?