The Fun & Talented, Liz!

The Fun & Talented, Liz!

Posted on June 20, 2017


Meet Liz. She’s filling in as our Director of Graphic Arts while our very own Curtis Honeycutt is out on paternity leave. Before we move on, we want to encourage you to leave a comment below to welcome Liz to the team and to congratulate Curtis!

Liz comes from a land far far away where pirates rule the sea and eye patches are hard to come by…just kidding, she comes from close by. Her husband, David, took a job with the Production Arts team at 146 Street 5 years ago at Grace and is now the Director of Operations & First Impressions at Fishers! So, that’s really how Liz found Grace.

In college, she studied graphic design at Olivet Nazarene University (go Tigers!) in Bourbonnais, Illinois. (That’s south of Chicago for those of you who are geographically impaired like myself.) She’s been a graphic designer at several companies since graduating. And, most recently, Liz took a job as the Director of Marketing for a company in Fishers. She is excited to fill in temporarily in communications and use my gifts and experience to help the team stay on track with projects (and so are we!).

Liz is uber talented, especially at photography, but also enjoys many other hobbies including reading, spending time with friends and going on vacations with her husband to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, Florida. If you were here for Grace’s production of Beauty & the Beast, you would have also seen her theatrical talents as a fork! She’s also a pretty sweet bass player (you’ve probably seen her at Fishers or Merge High School Ministry)!

This may be one of the most unique facts we’ve ever had a staff member admit to…Liz sleep walks (or “sleep hovers” as her husband calls it). One time she “woke up” and started sleep walking because she thought her bedroom was full of spider webs.

What is one thing Liz hopes to accomplish while on staff in this role? She says, “I am praying that during my short time on staff I will bring a new perspective and that I will be able to be a servant to everyone I come in contact with.” She been with us just over a week, and we can already tell you this is very true of her! Again, take a moment to welcome Liz. We are beyond thrilled to have her with us this month! 


Congrats Liz! You'll be great!!!

Posted by Ann Kramer on July 2, 2017 @ 7:53 pm

Liz and I met during BatB, and she is she kind, generous, and funny! I had such a good time connecting with her. Prayers for Liz during this time, and congrats to Curtis' family!

Posted by Megan Weingart on June 23, 2017 @ 2:30 pm