The Future of America: A High Schooler’s Story (Part 1)

The Future of America: A High Schooler’s Story (Part 1)

Posted on October 22, 2016


Hope for my generation has long eluded me. I am a junior in high school, currently, and I wanted to share what God has been doing in my life to both encourage you and perhaps give some insight from the perspective of someone my age in all that is happening at Grace.

Being in “the next generation” that many adults heralded as promising, I was never able to understood where their hope was coming from. Hatred, drug abuse, loneliness, and other problems are rampant among kids my age; they are lost in the lies our culture feeds them, yet don’t care to find the truth. I can count on two hands the kids I know that live as sincere Christians. It used to be that at the end of the school day, I would come home sighing because my hopes for my comrades had parachuted into an abyss of reality. It was clear to me that unless something drastically changed, my generation would not be the turning point for America.

I did not forget God; I acknowledged that he could help people and that he was working. Yet I imagined that my all-mighty, omniscient God was lagging on the front of the next generation. I didn’t blame him: it’s hard to get teenagers to pay attention even when they admit something in their lives is missing.

America’s future looked bleak to me.

Then, I went to Ukraine this summer, on a mission’s trip with Hands of Hope, and served at the Romaniv Orphanage For Disabled Boys. My life has been fundamentally changed.

Ukraine was the hardest week of my life; it may also have been the most influential. There, faced with a picture of sixty boys in an “outdoor play area”, I saw the light colliding spectacularly with the dark. There was no way there to dismiss the need or brokenness; I had to walk with God – particularly, the Holy Spirit – every day to reconcile all I was seeing. I have never before or since felt so aware of my youth. Also, in Ukraine, I saw what real revival was; college age Ukrainians filled with the Holy Spirit’s power made me say, “We need people like you in America.” This experience spurred me on to explore the idea of revival and walking in the power of the Spirit.

It fascinates me that the week after I returned from Ukraine, Grace began a sermon series that addressed two major aspects of God that I am realizing are the hope of my generation: the Holy Spirit and revival. This knowledge has led me to desire and pursue both, and inspires me with the fact that neither my generation, nor the rest of America, is beyond hope yet. Due to my experiences, I now cling to the promises of the Lord and what Ukraine taught me, which are explored in part two (coming next week). 


What an awesome message and so very true!!

Posted by Cara Fry on October 27, 2016 @ 2:07 pm