The Idea


“Greatness always, always starts with the idea – or, to be precise, an idea backed by ferocious belief.
 Eric Schurenberg, Editor in Chief, Inc.Magazine November 2017
I had an idea, one backed by ferocious belief. That idea had to do with our horrifically broken world. What’s a harsher word than horrific? Appalling? Horrendous? Terrifying? The idea is about our messed-up world, how it got that way, and how, hope-beyond-hope, it might get healed.

But, no, that’s not yet the idea. That’s the subject...the world being broken in 6 distinct ways. But to become an idea it needs a complement. Something to complete the subject and turn it into an idea. That’s you. You’re the complement. You are the key to the idea. You are the hope-beyond-hope answer. And by “you” I mean not just the one reading this blog.  By you, I mean me…and I mean him and her…and us and them…we. Without us there is no idea. Without us there is no healing. No recovery. No peace. No reconciliation. No repair. No love. Without you there is no idea and the world falls apart, still.

So my idea…the complete big idea…and the reason I took two years to write a book about the idea is:

The world…humanity, the creation, the cosmos…is tragically broken in six distinctly horrific ways. Injustice dominates our lives. Hatred tears us apart. Pain debilitates us daily. Decay destroys the creation. Isolation crushes our spirits. And separation from God extinguishes our souls. But. If you chase after and find your calling, and live into it, you will heal this world in ways that will leave you breathless.

That’s the big idea.

I’d love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and discuss it. Actually, no…that’s too nice. I want to yell at you…at anybody who will listen and even those who don’t give a rip about a groaning world.  “Get a clue you dummy!” By you I mean me…and I mean him and her…and us and them…we. “Wake up! We broke it…let’s fix it!”

So, yeah…I had this idea. And I believe this idea down to my bones. So, I wrote a book. If you choose to read it, you might get offended. You might think I am insufferable. And you might get tired of my hyperbole. But, I don’t care. I am ferocious…because time is short…the world is falling apart…and the sooner you find your calling, the quicker we all get to start healing.

That’s the idea.

Want to Know How To Find Your Calling?

There are three ways you can learn more about finding your calling. 

1. Come to the Book Launch. Join us on Monday, March 4 at 6:30 p.m. as the Between Sundays Podcast Hosts will be hosting a LIVE book launch. You'll be able to buy the book there (and win some fun prizes too). Learn more here.

2. Buy the Book. You'll be able to purchase my new book, A Why To Live For, starting, Monday, March 4 at Grace Church. It will officially be sold on Amazon and retail stores beginning in May. 

3. Come to the next series at Grace. The weekend of March 2/3, we will start our series, A Why To Live For, breaking down the essentials of what God is calling you to and how to live that you. See locations and times here.