The Lockjaw Emails: Part 2

The Lockjaw Emails: Part 2

Posted on April 25, 2019


Borrowing from the spiritual and literary genius of C.S. Lewis in his satirical masterpiece, The Screwtape Letters, I completed this short fictional work that depicts how I imagine evil working behind the scenes among us in daily life. Inspired by the Holy Spirit as we move into our anticipated Hope Month series, I aim to gracefully remind us all just who our enemy truly is. Our enemy is not the person who is delivering a message that is difficult to hear; our enemy is the force that doesn’t want you to hear the difficult truth.

Now is the time to get in the room and stay in the room.

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Part 2

Good morning Killjoy,
Do you have any questions after taking some time to review the Core Four we discussed yesterday? Today, I want to show you some of the specific strategy applications in our division’s target region.

Our division is responsible for Hamilton County, Indiana in the Midwest region of the United States. This county is home to several affluent suburbs of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area. Our team heads up procurement for Noblesville, the county seat. Within Noblesville, we have a handful of prioritized opportunities, the most prominent of which are the county government and a rather sizable church (and you’ll soon discover why the latter has proven to be the bane of my existence). We’ve got troops on the ground keeping tabs on this group and running standard preventive procedures at all times.

Looking at the Core Four, I’ll quickly outline how these strategies have been deployed in our target region:
Offer Alternatives
Hands down, money is the number one tool we’ve used to keep the human targets of our region distracted from engaging The Enemy’s objectives. Money is, quite literally, gold! Many of our targets also lean heavily hedonistic, and may easily be tempted with a variety of entertainment options.

Promise Answers
The typical demographic profile in our area tends to be an avid seeker of knowledge and certainty. We have effectively led humans astray from The Enemy’s objectives by meddling with their insecurities surrounding education, health, politics and, most notably, social status.

Induce Fear
Safety and security are paramount in our region.  Our region exists due largely in part to our efforts to convince our targets to seek out “safe” communities. Humans fearing other humans is an incredibly effective strategy!

Divide and Conquer
Dating back to the birth of this country centuries ago, our predecessors collaborated in a nationwide operation that very effectively pitted entire groups of human races against each other. Today, Grimdeed Enterprises is proud to continue that legacy. Indeed we also utilize the divide and conquer strategy through political, social class and religiosity-based missions in our region, but human racial tension in this country is our bread and butter. Nothing generates hatred in more abundance than racial tensions.
The success of our long-standing mission to keep the human races divided has directly benefitted our fear-induction strategy, and the two still work beautifully hand-in-hand. Although racial tensions look and feel a bit differently than they did at the inception of Grimdeed Enterprises, we’ve been able to continually tweak our tactics to appeal to and resonate with the predominantly caucasian human demographic of Hamilton County. I cannot emphasize enough the utmost importance of our responsibility to protect the integrity of our racial tension mission. I shudder to imagine a world in which this lucrative strategy falls apart.
Thank you for a productive day of learning. Our next order of business will be to familiarize you with your first assignment and run through the recommended acquisition tactics. Soon enough, you’ll be soul-searching with the best of the Spitfire top producers!
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