The Lockjaw Emails: Part 3

The Lockjaw Emails: Part 3

Posted on April 26, 2019


Borrowing from the spiritual and literary genius of C.S. Lewis in his satirical masterpiece, The Screwtape Letters, I completed this short fictional work that depicts how I imagine evil working behind the scenes among us in daily life. Inspired by the Holy Spirit as we move into our anticipated Hope Month series, I aim to gracefully remind us all just who our enemy truly is. Our enemy is not the person who is delivering a message that is difficult to hear; our enemy is the force that doesn’t want you to hear the difficult truth.

Now is the time to get in the room and stay in the room.
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Part 3

I had planned to provide you with more time to study and review the orientation materials before turning you loose in the field, but I have just received urgent mission details that cannot wait. We need every producing entity working this project ASAP.
I sorted it out with division director Dreadpan to assign you a human target that closely matches with the usual characteristics of our region since we have already covered those basics. Your assignment is a 37-year-old white male, upper-middle class,
manager at his firm, with a wife and two kids. I regret to inform you that he has been in semi-regular weekly attendance at the high-priority church organization I briefly mentioned yesterday, but this is of unfortunate relevance to the mission at hand. You will be expected to coordinate efforts with our colleagues assigned to his wife and others in his circles.

Our intelligence operatives have uncovered evidence of an expanding initiative to promote racial reconciliation. A small group of what this church calls “activists” has already been meeting on a monthly basis under the codename, The Listening Table. This group consists of both white and black humans who have succeeded in facilitating amicable discussions regarding the tensions we have toiled long and hard to generate. This group has even attracted a few others from neighboring church organizations, further increasing the threat of expansion.

Additionally, the church leaders have planned a month-long program for the whole mass of them aimed at “healing” the hatred that is so crucial to our core strategy. Normally, the noise on this frequency is of little consequence, but this pesky group is particularly tuned in with The Enemy and seems to boast a significant influence in the region. We simply cannot risk the chance that these humans actually begin to unravel centuries worth of our predecessors’ dignified accomplishments in racial tension production.

The director has called an urgent management meeting in which we will pin down some specific battle tactics for the team. I’ll be back in touch shortly with those specifics. In the meantime, please become familiar with your human target and shadow Slipshod as he prepares information for a team briefing on Grace Church.

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Well done. The Screwtape Letters is one of my favorite books!

Posted by Josie Deane on May 17, 2019 @ 1:28 pm