The Lockjaw Emails: Part 4

The Lockjaw Emails: Part 4

Posted on April 27, 2019

Borrowing from the spiritual and literary genius of C.S. Lewis in his satirical masterpiece, The Screwtape Letters, I completed this short fictional work that depicts how I imagine evil working behind the scenes among us in daily life. Inspired by the Holy Spirit as we move into our anticipated Hope Month series, I aim to gracefully remind us all just who our enemy truly is. Our enemy is not the person who is delivering a message that is difficult to hear; our enemy is the force that doesn’t want you to hear the difficult truth.

Now is the time to get in the room and stay in the room.

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Part 4 

I trust that you were able to learn some valuable information about Grace Church from Slipshod. You should now be well-prepared to deploy the tactics outlined below as identified by management:
The main focus of our mission is to divert attention away from all facets of this month-long program. It is unlikely that you will convince your target to miss all of the weekend services, but it’s worth a shot. His first thought on Sunday mornings should be the warmth and comfort of his bed! Simple, but highly effective. We definitely want to deflect his interest away from any events associated with The Listening Table, including the panel discussion hosted by the church on May 24. Offer alternatives; suggest initiating a gathering with friends or a fun night out to the movies. Monitor the media selections of your target, steering him clear of racial reconciliation propaganda such as the documentary 13th on Netflix in favor of something more entertaining (ideally with depictions of violence that may be useful for inducing irrational fears).
In the event that your target should attend any of these gatherings, it will become imperative that we protect the racial divide through devices such as emotion and opinion (both of which tend to diminish in the presence of objective, factual information; exactly what the church leaders aim to disseminate). Coax your target to take offense to any message that stirs up the least bit of emotion. Baseless opinions such as the following have resonated well in the past with the demographic of your target:

  • Everyone is born with the same opportunities in this country

  • This is all in the past, and it’s not my problem/fault

  • Anytime someone interfaces with law enforcement or the judicial system, they must have done something wrong

  • Things seem to have already improved recently, or at least it’s way better than it used to be

  • Why are they implying that only black lives matter? (Note the emphasis on “they.” It should always be us versus them.)

  • I have a black friend, so I’m not contributing to the problem of racism

Your target is a relatively low risk of conversion to the theme of racial reconciliation, but you must keep close tabs on him. If he begins to engage, the likelihood is high that others in his circle will follow suit. The Enemy would surely love for this to occur.
Should we fail, I can guarantee you now that both of our ashes will be on the line.
Killjoy, it is GO time.