Top 7 Things Happening in Church Planting

Top 7 Things Happening in Church Planting

Posted on June 02, 2016


If you've attended Grace even once in the last year, you've heard a little something about church planting. You've heard a few names, you've heard a few places, you may even know a couple of people involved. But what's going on RIGHT NOW? Our own Aaron Elliott, Associate Pastor of Outreach, put together a Top 7 list of what's going on with church planting at Grace - you may even want to be a part of it. 

 Here's what you need to know: 

  1. Todd & Angelin Fisher plus their three kids are returning to Indianapolis for a few weeks before moving to London. We are excited Todd is preaching the weekend of June 4 & 5 at Grace Church.

  2. Pat & Maya Laurent plus their three kids got their UK Visa approved TODAY!! (This is a really, really big deal!)  They are officially going as missionaries with the London Team and will be moving late June to early July. 

  3. Craig & Niki Knisley plus their three boys are moving to Bloomington, Indiana RIGHT NOW to start Grace Church Bloomington

  4. Grace is linking arms with other Indiana churches through the NewThing Network for the sake of planting Churches. This is already having a HUGE impact on Craig and Grace Church Bloomington. 

  5. Jon Crawford and Luke Wehner will be church plant residents with Grace Church next year. They are currently building their personal support team and will work with Grace Church Bloomington next year. 

  6. Grace Church is hiring in our Church Planting department. We are looking for a 30 hour Administrative Assistant.  If you know of anyone or are interested yourself, check out the job description here

  7. Over the summer we are beginning to build volunteer teams for the work of Church Planting. If you think you have a passion for church planting or supporting the people who are doing the work, please contact Aaron Elliott, Associate Pastor of Church Planting, at  


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