Trolls & Retreats...Just a Normal February at Grace

Trolls & Retreats...Just a Normal February at Grace

Posted on March 11, 2017


Each month, our photography team is working behind the scenes to capture the special moments that happen at and around Grace. See what happened in February!

Kids & Students

Working on a lesson together in small group.

Bubbles are always a hit with the little kids! In fact, they're proven to make kids stop crying when they miss their parents;)

Learning a new song in the kids worship room at the Fishers Campus!

These are powerful times of worship at the retreat. If you've been before, you know what we mean!

Merge students worshiping at the retreat!

Students and staff having fun hiking together!

We're so grateful for our incredible worship team (staff and volunteers). We couldn't do this without you. Can anyone figure out what Craig is looking at? (Bonus points the person who makes a guess in the comments below.)

Campus Fun!

We celebrated our first official 146th Street Campus event,Troll Movie Night, with nearly 700 people. It was even complete with hair and dance competitions!

This youngster was struggling to pick between so many yummy desserts at our North Indy Pitch-in. These have been great ways for the North Indy Campus to get to know one another on a deeper level.

Diving Deeper

Hundreds of people attended our Way of Discipleship Conference in February where they learned how to utilize discipleship to change the world.

February's Taste of Community event helped dozens of indidivuals, couples and families to get connected into small groups close to where they live!

Worship Together

The first weekend, we baptized dozens of individuals at all three campus locations. Hearing their stories and seeing God work through each of them is inspiring!

Outloud joined in on the fun too! The North Indy team is pictured above!

The Outloud team (above) is leading our Fishers campus in worship. Each month, they invite all kids and students to join them on stage during Worship Together Weekends and it's blast.

To view all of the pictures from these events, click here!

This Month

To see what is happening at Grace this month, check out our calendar of events!