Posted on June 28, 2017


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Daves of our lives...
Did you know Grace Church has seven Daves/Davids on our staff team? That’s one for each Dave of the week! In this 7-day blog series, we’re highlighting each Dave/David, and sharing some of the things that make them unique.
Today I’m interviewing David Caudle. David used to work on the production arts team and now serves at Fishers as its chief “do stuff” guy (his actual title is director of operations).

CH: What is your name and how long have you worked at Grace?
DC: David Caudle. Since February 2012.
CH: Do you prefer to go by Dave or David? Why?
DC: David. Dave sounds way too grown up.
CH: Which day of the week do you most identify with and why?
DC: Definitely Tuesday because it is the most boring day.
CH: You have been overruled. Not only are you not boring, but Tuesday was already taken. I imagine you as more of a Wednesdave. You stand at the top of the hill known as the week and look ahead with optimism at the impending weekend.
DC: …
CH: So, on a related note, why do you love serving at Grace?
DC: It is an honor to get to be a part of a community that brings healing to broken people. I've not seen another church yet that cares for people the way Grace cares for people.
CH: What is your Enneagram number/profile? Explain a little bit about your personality based on your Enneagram profile.
DC: I scored 99.8% as a 5 (yikes). I love to learn, whether reading a book or article or sitting in class (as long as I don't have to do homework). I make sense of the world by trying to understand it better.
CH: What is the most random photo saved on your phone?
DC: I also workpart-timee for USA Gymnastics on their event production team and I had the opportunity to work the Olympic Team Trials last year. This is the moment that the Olympic team was announced for women's gymnastics.

CH: Who is the last person you exchanged text messages with? What was the conversation about?
DC: The inestimable Ephraim Owens. We were planning a dinner date.
CH: What is your favorite music you’ve been listening to lately?
DF: I've been listening to the Broadway cast recording of Hamilton a lot recently. It is fascinating to hear a familiar story told through a new medium.
CH: What’s in your Netflix queue right now?
DF: Madam Secretary, Sherlock, Cosmos, Stranger Things.
Thanks to the one and ONLY David Caudle for being one of the best Daves of Our Lives at Grace Church. If you see him around, tell him he’s not boring.