We Don't Even Live There

We Don't Even Live There

Posted on February 09, 2017


When my husband first brought up the topic, I was a bit surprised. "Us? North Indy? We don't even live in Indy!" was my reply. Andrew had been thinking about this idea of switching campuses for awhile and when bringing it up, I will admit, it took me by surprise. However, as we continued to discuss the idea of being a part of Grace's newest campus, it began to sink in that North Indy was the next step for us.

I have loved being a part of Grace Church the past ten years! In the beginning, the church felt a bit overwhelming and large to me at first. During college, my church community sometimes reached 100 people on a good weekend and I was a part of a worship team of three as we led worship every week. So, needless to say, moving to the big city of Indy and joining Grace Church was a new thing for me. But as I started to get involved in a few ministries, this church, which by then felt so much smaller, became a vital source of community to me. I have been so grateful for the relationships and leaders that have made a big impact on my life!

Fast forward to last year, when my husband and I started praying about making the switch to North Indy. Several people asked us - why switch campuses? Well, long story short, we are eager to be helping with the start of a new campus in the Nora community. Andrew is especially excited as he lived in the area for five years before we married and loved the community there. We're enjoying the small church feel and we're looking forward to what God does through this newest campus!  


We were especially thankful to dedicate our daughter, Nora, at the first ever North Indy campus last fall! Looking out at the people in attendance at that service, it was a reminder that we are all a part of one bodyWe need each other, each person with his or her gifts, talents, perspectives, and personalities. We are excited to see what God brings about with this newly formed group of people. Good things are forming in our North Indy campus!

It was a reminder that we are all a part of one body.Tweet: It was a reminder that we are all a part of one body.Tweet This

If you're wanting to get involved in this campus, contact North Indy Pastor, Rob Yonan and he can help you get started!