What do Alaska, Disney & Russian Translation all have in common? Kim!

What do Alaska, Disney & Russian Translation all have in common? Kim!

Posted on December 15, 2016


There is almost nothing better than when one of our faithful volunteers steps into a staff role at Grace. Our newest staff member, Kim Ingraham, is joining us as the Coordinator of the Café. Not only has she been a lead volunteer for a few years, but she’s just a really cool person (don’t believe us, read her unique facts below!), so we’re excited to have her on staff.
Now, let’s get to know Kim a little better. Her family moved to Carmel in July of 2013 from Columbus, Ohio. Prior to Ohio, they were in St. Louis for 6 years and Atlanta for 7 years. She and her husband, Chris, met at Penn State where they graduated in 1993. Okay, so is there any place they haven’t lived? All kidding aside, Chris’s job with Norfolk Southern Railway job is what has kept them on the move. (We were wondering if they were trying to break a record or collect the most snow globes from the cities that they’ve lived in or something.) Kim retired from her last full-time job when their first daughter was born in 1999. (Fun Fact: “Believe” by Cher was the top Billboard single that year, while Backstreet Boy Millennium was the top album…now you have both of those songs stuck in your head. You’re welcome.) At that time, Kim worked for MCI Telecommunications as a Data Global Account Manager (sales and implementation of international data and voice services for large corporate accounts.) During the last 16 years, she’s kept busy with her daughters Jordan (17), Elizabeth (15) and Caroline (13). She has also done a lot of volunteering and serving with their local churches and schools (PTO and MOPs were two big time consumers.)

Reading, crafting, baking and gardening are Kim’s favorite hobbies. Although, if you ask her youngest daughter what she thought Kim’s hobbies included, she suggested that it included carpooling.
Something no one else on staff can say, Kim grew up in Alaska AND has a college degree is in Russian Translation with a Business Minor. In college, Kim spent her summers working on the North Slope of Alaska in the oil fields. She actually lost count of how many times she’s crossed the Arctic Circle (who else can say that?). Some of Kim’s favorite loves, aside from her kids, include pens, bowls, all things Disney and her slippers. She also likes organizing things, writing clever Christmas letters (maybe we can get her to post her most recent one on the blog) and coming up with unique (odd?) facts about herself. She says there are plenty more…we hope to coax more out of her soon!

When asking Kim what contribution she hopes to make on the First Impressions team, she said “I want to be a positive point of contact for people new to Grace. My church background has given me a real sensitivity for people new to church or returning to church. If I can make one person feel more relaxed as they attempt to engage (or re-engage) with Jesus and His church, then I’ll consider that a significant accomplishment of being on staff…And I’d like to learn to drink black coffee.” We have plenty of black coffee drinkers on staff and in the congregation that can teach her, but there’s no shame in the yummy goodness of flavored creamers!
Let’s all welcome Kim! Show how thankful you are to have her on staff by leaving a comment below!