Why Rahab Could Beat Moses - Day 3

Why Rahab Could Beat Moses - Day 3

Posted on March 15, 2018

Guys, round 2 was bonkers! 

Hundreds of people turned out to vote for the greatest Bible characters to advance to the Sweet 16. And now here we are. How sweet, indeed! 

Let's take a look at what happened yesterday. 

The closest matchups came down to just a few votes. Job defeated one of the greatest leaders in the Bible, Joshua. Prostitute Rahab crushed the father of humanity, Adam. The Apostle John won on a buzzer beater against Daniel. But now is when it truly counts. Who is the greatest!? 

Round 3 Preview

I cannot wait to see who wins between #3 Peter & #2 Luke in the Northwest bracket. Peter, the rock of the church. The guy who tried to walk on water. The guy who denied Jesus 3 times after swearing he'd never do such a thing is here to make noise against the guy who wrote beautifully about what it means to have faith in the Gospel of Luke & probably Acts. 

Will Rahab's cinderella story continue against Moses? One of the loudest criticisms of the Bible Character Craziness tourney has been that Moses deserves a #1 seed. I've even had people tell me it's rigged! He did score 89% of last round's vote. So he's a man of the people, for sure. But he also murdered a guy. Rahab saved the Israelites. The prostitute with a heart of gold. I'm secretly pulling for her. 

My boy, John has his hands full with Esther in the Southeast. John beat Daniel by only a few votes. He's my pick to win the whole thing so I'm a little concerned that he's in trouble against Esther, who literally saved her people from genocide. She's the queen of Persia, smacked  and hungry for a win. 

Can Job do it again? Hasn't he suffered enough!? He defeated the underrated Hosea, one of the best leaders in Scripture in Joshua, and now faces off against the tournament favorite, Paul. I believe people see Job as the lovable pick and I could see a major upset happening today.