Church Membership

The Covenant Community is our form of membership. These are folks who connect deeply with Grace's mission and are leaders within our community! We meet a few times a year to learn more about what's happening at Grace, what's ahead, and hear from our pastors and leaders. If you're interested in learning more, contact

Become A Member


Allow time to carefully consider and respond to the five expectations of Covenant Community Members and to your role in our mission. Then, apply to become a member. 



Once we receive your application, you will be sent an invitation to attend a Covenant Community Membership Class where you will learn about Grace’s purpose, the organization and leadership of Grace, how we make decisions, our guidelines and participate in an interview. The next class is TBD.


Following approval of your application and interview, you will be invited to be commissioned at the next Covenant Community Gathering (see below for details). We are excited for you to join us! 

Current Members


We ask that Covenant Community members join us for all three gatherings each year. The next Covenant Community Gathering is Friday, May 1 at 7:00 p.m. online.


If you are already a part of the Covenant Community, we ask that you renew your membership by completing the online via email form each year. If you haven’t done so, please renew for the 2019-2020 ministry year.

Leadership Continuity

Of all of the resources that we are entrusted to steward, leadership is perhaps the most critical. The ongoing health and effectiveness of Grace Church is dependent upon healthy leadership transitions, especially of the Senior Pastor. Learn more about the Leadership Continuity Plan at Grace Church.

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