Meet Our Pastors

Grace Church

Dave Rodriguez

Senior Pastor

Dave Rodriguez, known simply as “Dave Rod” to most, has been the Senior Pastor for Grace Church since the very beginning in 1991. The idea for Grace Church began materializing in 1987, when he went on a mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico. “When we got there and walked into a worship experience and I had never seen anything like it. This church had numerous social justice connections, powerful worship, remarkable Bible teaching, and there was just this presence of the Holy Spirit.”

Four years after the trip to Monterrey, Grace Church was sent out as a church plant by Faith Missionary Church—with Dave at the lead. At that time, Grace Church started with 650. “It was a very odd church plant in that it was much bigger from the start. And I should add that I didn't know what I was doing.”

Today, Dave’s vision is alive and working—with numerous social justice connections, powerful worship, remarkable Bible teaching, and Holy Spirit moments. Grace Church is led by an incredibly amazing and passionate group of people. Meet some of them below! 

Grace Church

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Tim Ayers

Teaching Pastor

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Grace Church

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Mel Boyer

Pastor - 146th Street

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Grace Church

Barry Rodriguez

Associate Senior Pastor

Grace Church

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Kevin Roth

Pastor - Fishers

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Grace Church

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Chris Shore

Executive Pastor

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Grace Church

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Rob Yonan

Pastor - North Indy

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