Generosity Gameplan

Get in the Game

What is It?

The Generosity Gameplan™ is a seven-step process that is all about connecting you with people, projects, and causes that engage your heart. For some folks, connected generosity comes naturally. For others, this strategic process can make things easier. Each person’s situation is different, but there are common steps that everyone needs to take. These steps are designed to help you do more good and get more satisfaction from giving.

Meet the Author

The outcomes you can look forward to from this plan are richer relationships, more gratifying acts of service, and more effective giving – and it starts by taking the first step. And, as a member of Grace, we want to make it easier for you. The first 100 people who signed up last week, received the Generosity Gameplan™ for FREE! Now, we invite you to meet the author at one of these upcoming events.

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