Jun - Aug 2018

The Challenge & The Hope

Barry Rodriguez

Jun 3, 2018

This week, we're taking a deep dive into what the Bible is all about. We'll discuss:
  • The World Behind the Text: This is the historical backdrop of the passage, the person (or people) who wrote the passage, the people it was first written for, cultural realities at the time, etc. In other words, what life was like when this passage first came into being.
  • The World Of the Text: This is where we look at literary features like the use of imagery or style, how words are repeated or contrasted within the passage, etc. It's also where we look at the context of the passage: connections between this passage and others, between this book of the Bible and others.
  • The World In Front Of the Text: This is your world. This is all the perspectives and worldviews and cultural realities you bring to the text. It's also where the passage can start to speak into your life. In other words, the world in front of the text is where you apply the passage.