Online Watch Party

Create a Facebook Watch Party

Even though we always have chat features open during service times on our livestream, creating Watch Parties for smaller groups may be more your speed. Perhaps you'd like to invite friends who may not be interested in a large group chat, but feel comfortable asking questions during services to a smaller, more intimate group. Facebook Watch Parties are perfect for Life Groups, family, neighbors, or friends if you prefer virtual church in smaller settings.

There are two simple ways to create a Watch Party if you have a Facebook Account

Creating a Watch Party from Your News Feed or Timeline

To create a watch party from your News Feed or timeline:

  1. At the top of your News Feed or timeline, click to create a new post. 
  2. Click on the text "Add to Your Post" at the bottom of the Create Post block. Then click the three dots to the right. 
  3. Select Watch Party.
  4. For pre-recorded and uploaded videos, search for Grace Church. For live videos, click live and find Grace's live video! 
  5. Select the video you'd like to add to your party and click next. 
  6. You can choose to add a description for your watch party, then click Post. You'll see a message that says “Your Watch Party Is About To Begin.”
  7. Once you're in the watch party you can add specific or all of your friends to watch with you.

Create a Watch Party from a Group

Some of our Life Groups have created Facebook groups where they enjoy community with one another. Creating watch parties in these groups is simple. 

Stay in the Room Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms are a new tool from Facebook that allows you to connect with people via video conferencing. If you're part of a Life Group that wants to connect throughout the week and discuss sermons or Grace content, this tool is super easy. In March and April when COVID first entered our lives, much of the world discovered Zoom as a viable solution for group gatherings. Facebook Rooms is similar but so much easier because it doesn't even require your invitees to have a Facebook account to participate. You can create rooms from within a Facebook Group or start one through your News Feed. This may be the perfect solution for your Life Group or family to connect during the Christmas season.