Peer Coaching

What is Peer Coaching?

This is an opportunity to receive advice and support to boost your financial health. Meet with peer coaches, fellow Grace members, who will walk alongside you to give you practical guidance on how you can become unstuck financially. They'll provide confidential assistance as you work through money practices and reshape your beliefs about money. This is a no-cost-to-you support system that we're excited to provide, all you have to do is schedule an appointment in advance to meet with a peer coach and they'll work with you to help you become financially free!

How to sign up?

If you're ready to begin walking in financial freedom alongside a peer coach, it's easy! All you need to do is complete the Peer Coaching Sign Up form. Simply:

  1. Choose your appointment date/time.

  2. Complete basic personal information. 

  3. Confirm your appointment.

We are excited to be on this journey to financial freedom with you! 

Sign Up for Peer Coaching!

If these times do not work, please contact and he can try to help you find an alternative option.

Your Questions Answered

Currently, peer coaching is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. These appointments are 1-hour in length and offered at 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. If these times do not work, please know that we are in search of more peer coaches who can offer alternative days and times. If you're interested in coaching, click here.
Peer Coaching Signup

We want to make it as easy as possible for you! Just click here and complete the three simple steps:

  1. Select a date/time.

  2. Add your information.

  3. Confirm your appointment.

Then, you'll be on your way to meeting with a peer coach and discovering financial freedom!
Peer Coaching Signup

You'll be paired with two financial coaches, and the coaches you'll be working with depends on the time and date you select. These coaches are trained and able to help you solve some of your most difficult financial questions. They can help you:

  • Learn how to budget your finances.

  • Reduce your debt to asset ratio.

  • Discover more successful ways to manage your money.

  • Use proven techniques to save. 

  • Create a financial plan that will help you see success immediately.

If you're ready to begin your journey to financial health, sign up for peer coaching!

You will meet at our 146th Street campus. Your peer coaches will reach out to you with specific details before your appointment.

Based on your specific needs, your coaching team will suggest a future plan of action during your initial coaching appointment.


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