Re-opening Plan

Grace Church Re-opening Plan

Let us Know Your Intentions on Returning

Updated: June 24, 2020

In conjunction with other Indy-area churches, we plan to re-open all three Grace campuses to in-person services the weekend of August 1/2, 2020. Our intent is to also open Kids & Student ministries at the same time, but that reality will be based heavily on the willingness to return, and general summer availability of our Kids & Student volunteer teams. Due to the close proximity required to care for children in infant (i.e. nursery) spaces, infant rooms will not re-open on August 1/2.

We've done our very best to evaluate every possible option, and explore the repercussions involved with reopening our in-person worship services. And we acknowledge that many in church will land on both sides of the reopening decision. Our leadership team has, and continues to seek the guidance first of the Holy Spirit, then of local, state, and federal professionals, and we feel that the current reality of the COVID-19 virus enables us to present a safe experience for our congrenants.

Additional details on exactly how we'll re-open and maintain a proactively safe environment will be shared once available.

Please keep in mind these very important points:
  • No one is required to attend an in-person worship service
  • All services will continue to be streamed online
  • We ask that anyone who is currently sick, or possibly been exposed to COVID-19 recently to please stay home
  • To successfully re-open, we'll need the help of many volunteers


Existing Volunteers



Senior Pastor Barry Rodriguez has been in steady communication with other Indy-area churches to discuss ideas, share information, and seek advice on how we as a Church community can safely reopen together. In conjunction with that communication, the leadership of Grace has been in routine discussions on how/when to safely re-open for in-person services. Above all, we have and continue, to seek the will of God and presence of the Holy Spirit to guide our re-opening decisions.

If you've attended in-person services before, you can likely expect a few changes to ensure the safety of everyone involved. As of mid-June, the extent of those exact measures are still being determined, but you can certainly expect basic measures like the encouragement of social distancing both in the worship spaces and public spaces.

As of mid-June, our intent is to re-open worship services at all three campuses at the same time (August 1/2, 2020.)

However, the scope at which were able to initially re-open will be heavily dependent on the availability and willingness of our volunteer teams. If you're an exisiting volunteer, or interested in joining a volunteer team, please let us know your intentions below:

Existing volunteers: Let us Know Your Plans on Returning
New Volunteers: Let us Know You're Ready to Serve!

Please hear us when we say it's absolutely ok if you or your family members are not yet ready to return to in-person services. To ensure everyone can access the normal weekend worship services, we will continue to broadcast services at all three service times each weekend: Saturday 5:00 p.m., and Sunday 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. Furthermore, we are committed to continuing to offer kids and student ministry content online.

You can watch online here:


Other Questions?

If you have additional thoughts, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime.