Central Support - Administration

Grace Church

215 - call ext.

Doug Perrigin

Pastor of Administration

The administration team is comprised of facilities, finance, human resources, production arts and information technology. We ensure that all church operations run as smoothly as possible while staying on budget. Doug serves as both a spiritual leader to Grace and his staff, as well as oversees the business operations of the entire church.


Grace Church

call ext.201

Noah Golland

Senior Director

201 - call ext.


Grace Church

call ext.276

Brian Chapman

Senior Director of Finance

276 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.207

Janel Deck

Coordinator of Contributions

207 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.325

Shari Ferris

Coordinator of Accounts Payable

325 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.220

Ruth Schwartz

Director of Accounting

220 - call ext.

Human Resources

Grace Church

call ext.346

Beth Bertino

Senior Director

346 - call ext.

Information Technology

Grace Church

Shellie Lindfelt

Director of Information Systems

Grace Church

call ext.333

Jon Raves

Director of Information Technology

333 - call ext.