Kids & Student Worship Arts

Kids & Students Serving Together

Worship Arts for Kids embraces different forms of worship we can offer to God. Our Children's Ministry and Worship Arts Ministry have collaborated to bring a cohesive and interactive curriculum and look forward to seeing God glorified through the lives of our children. 
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Outloud is our children's worship team. They lead our Grace Kids members in worship at all campuses and age groups. Questions? Contact Kendra

  • Click here to see what you can expect from Outloud.

  • 2018-2019 Serving Schedule

  • Teams serve from August to June (July off).

  • Tshirts: Shirts are $10 and you will only need to buy one for your child(ren) who are serving (click here to buy a shirt). If you have one from an older sibling, you can just use that instead. If you are an adult volunteer leader, we will provide you with a shirt for free but will need to know your size. 

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Worship Songs

For those students not in OutLoud who would like to download the latest worship songs being sung in Grace Kids, you may do so for $5 here. Physical CDs are also available for purchase in the Fishers and 146 Bookstores.

Puppet Team

All Campuses

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Student Drama Team

All Campuses

  • Info & calendar coming soon.

  • This team meets from August to June. Some serving opportunities may be year round. 

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