The Good Life: Technology

The Good Life: Technology

We live in an increasingly digital reality. Social media, Netflix, dinging phone notifications… What does it mean to follow Jesus in this brave new world? In this series, we will present five biblical principles for a healthy life in a digital world. How to decrease anxiety, how to have a healthier self-image online, and how to control technology instead of letting technology control us. We’ll even have a “No Screen Saturday” challenge as an entire church! This is a great series for all ages and will give families a lot to talk about. Be sure to invite a friend or neighbor!

Parent Technology Forum

As a part of this series, we hosted the Parents Technology Forum. Monica Hengge, co-owner and therapist at ThrivePointe Counseling, discussed child development and the impact of technology use along with:

  • A brief review regarding normal mental/emotional developmental stages for elementary, middle school and high school students.

  • How the developmental stages are affected/influenced by the use of technology.

  • How technology affects children's moods (anxiety, depression, panic when technology use is restricted).

  • How parents personal use of technology influences their kids.

  • Practical tips on setting healthy limits and boundaries regarding technology use in the home. 

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Access to More Online Resources

Since this is a technology series, we want to offer you even more online resources you can get right at your fingertips! Whether you're struggling with anxiety, want to learn more about addiction, or want to find helpful tips on parenting and marriage, we wanted to make it even easier for you to find help on the topics you might need the most. It's simple, just complete the form to receive access to helpful information on the topic(s) of your choice AND extra resources just for you!

Technology Panel Videos 

Each week, we are sharing how this topic affects your everyday life and the impact it's making, whether you realize it or not. 

Awesome Apps

Technology can be incredibly helpful when you use it right. Below are some helpful tools you can use to manage your finances and your family, build healthy relationships, make you more productive, and more! 

Family: Scheduling & Organization

There's nothing stationary about your life, so why depend on a family calendar that hangs on a fridge or wall? Cozi turns all your devices into ultimate family organizers. With Cozi, you can:

  • Keep events and activities all in one place
  • Keep and share the grocery list in real-time
  • Store recipes, plan meals, and shop for ingredients

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Relationship Building: Lasting

Lasting makes marriage counseling simple. Build a healthier, happier relationship in a few minutes a day with the #1 marriage counseling app. Lasting gets to know your relationship and creates a program to help you build and maintain the health of your marriage. Whether you want to deepen your connection in new ways, repair a broken part of your marriage, or learn specific skills, like communication and conflict, Lasting will walk with you every step of the way with counsel based on decades of research.
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Money Management: Mint

Mint offers an array of features to help you track and manage your money from a giant list of banks, credit card issuers, brokerages, lenders and other financial institutions. It comes with a wide range of features, but its most useful has always been its budget tools. Mint automatically categorizes transactions from linked credit and debit cards and tracks them against a budget you can tweak and customize to your needs. Get alerts when you go over budget, and track by category or look at your overall cash flow to get a well-rounded picture of where your money goes each month.
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Self-Care: Woebot

Meet Woebot! Your friendly self-care expert. Woebot can help you:

  • Think through situations with step-by-step guidance from Woebot using tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Learn about yourself with intelligent mood tracking
  • Master skills to reduce stress and live happier through over 100+ evidence-based stories from our clinical team

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RightNow Media Recommendations

RightNow Media is an online tool where you can view thousands of helpful resources including videos, books, studies, and so much more!​ And, we're giving you access for FREE! Simply click here to create an account.  


Identity & Social Media

Young adults find themselves at a life stage where they are forming their own sense of identity. What sort of impact does a social media-obsessed culture have on these formative years?
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Parenting a Teen in a Social Media World

Annie Downs is a Girls of Grace Conference speaker and the author of Perfectly Unique. She is passionate about seeing young women find their true value in God. In this video, Annie tells us how to help our students use social media.
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Book Recommendations

Every Parent's Guide to Navigating our Digital World

Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World helps you think and talk differently about digital media, as you learn from inspiring and creative parents like you who navigate these ever-changing waters day after day. This book offers new breakthroughs for your most pressing tech-related dilemmas including how to teach your kids to use social media responsibly, how to set limits on when, where, and how much you use devices in your family--without isolating your kids from their friends, and how to handlue inappropriate sharing, bullying, and porn.

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Screens and Teens

Screen time is rapidly replacing family time, and for teens especially, it is hardwiring the way they connect with their world. 
In Screens and Teens, Dr. Kathy helps you make sense of all this and empowers you to respond. She exposes the lies that technology can teach your teen, guides you in countering those lies with biblical truths and helpful practices, and shares success stories of families who have cut back on technology and prioritized each other. Kathy’s research, experience, and relatability all come together for an inspiring book, sure to help you be closer with your kids.
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The Tech-Wise Family

Andy Crouch shows readers that the choices we make about technology have consequences we may never have considered. He takes readers beyond the typical questions of what, where, and when and instead challenges them to answer provocative questions like, Who do we want to be as a family? and How does our use of a particular technology move us closer or farther away from that goal? Anyone who has felt their family relationships suffer or their time slip away amid technology's distractions will find in this book a path forward to reclaiming their real life in a world of devices.
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