Thank You, Dave!

Let's Say Thanks

Twenty-Eight years ago, Dave started Grace Church. What started as a church of 600 quickly grew to 2,000 within just a few years. Over the years, with much discernment from God, nearly 8,000 people call Grace their home. And, that time has come for Dave to retire and us to say goodbye to the man that started it all so many years ago. We want to say THANK YOU, Dave. Thank you for giving us all a place where we can learn the word of God, be stretched, challenged, loved, accepted, and so much more. Your passion for creating disciples has meant that thousands upon thousands of lives have been changed.

But, we know a pastor's work is never done. While he might be saying goodbye to preaching, teaching, hospital visits, one-on-one meetings, retreats, weddings, funerals, etc., be assured that Dave will continue the work of God in a new calling, and from time to time, still preach at Grace. As we lead up to his retirement, let's take some time to reflect and share what this man has meant to so many of us.


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Tell Dave thanks by submitting a video. We'll use these videos for a SURPRISE element in-service during his last weekend preaching as senior pastor. It's simple and would mean the world to him if you took 30 seconds to share what Dave has meant to you. Here's how to do it

  1. When using your phone camera, place it horizontally (that's long ways) on a steady surface.

  2. Give yourself 5 seconds before and after you start talking. 

  3. When recording your video, please begin with the phrase, 'Because of you...' and end your recording with the phrase, 'Thanks Dave!'

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Dave Through the Years

Check out this slide show of Dave's ministry at Grace Church.