Meet Our Missionaries

Grace Church partners with people from Grace who feel called as a full-time missionary to serve God around the world. Our missionaries aren’t called to do this work on their own. See how you can support these partners.  

Grace Church Missionaries

First Nations Outreach Tim & Julie Christensen

Tim and Julie, with North American Indigenous Ministries (NAIM), work to reconcile Native Americans to Christ and His followers. This ministry thrives on Penelakut Island, British Columbia, a reservation overshadowed by a history of abuse and social injustice perpetrated in the name of Christ. They're developing healthy relationships with the Penelakut people and inviting them to experience the love of Christ through a unique outdoor program called ROOTS, which is integrated into the community's life.

Email Tim Christensen for more info.

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Filter of Hope Lisa & Scott Santee

Scott & Lisa have attended Grace for 25 years and serve on the Leadership Team of Filter of Hope. They help people give clean water and Jesus to families thirsty for both. Scott & Lisa each lead trips to Cuba throughout the year. Want to join one? FOH leads trips to 10 countries in Central America, and partners with others in 60 countries. Scott connects individuals, churches, and businesses to go on these remarkable mission trips and to partner with Filter of Hope. Lisa designs new communication tools to share how clean water and the Living Water is bringing hope to the poorest places on the planet.

Email Scott Santee for more info.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators Jeff & Peg Shrum

After spending 27 years living in Mozambique and translating the Bible into Takwane, The Shrums live in Texas. Jeff currently serves as an International Technology Consultant helping translators and consultants worldwide use translation software to translate the Bible into local languages and dialects. He leads workshops, does individual consulting and is part of a team that is building an online training course. Peg is a translation consultant for two minority language groups in South America. She is currently checking 1, 2 and 3 John for one language group and Exodus for another.

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InterVarsity Mark Slaughter

Mark Slaughter's ministry with InterVarsity involves speaking on college campuses, primarily in the Midwest. Through interactive discussions and outreach events, Mark proclaims God's Kingdom to college students with clear, compassionate and Biblical responses to the moral and societal questions facing them today. His passion is to see college students transformed to follow Jesus and impact their world.

Email Mark Slaughter for more info.

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InterVarsity Christine Wagoner

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college/university campuses nationwide. Their vision is to see students and faculty transformed by the power and love of Jesus, campuses renewed and world changers developed. Christine Wagoner oversees all of the undergraduate ministries in the state of Indiana serving 10 college campuses and 800 students, including specific ministries for fraternities and sororities, as well as international students.

Email Christine Wagoner for more info.

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SEND International Shigeko Yamaguma

After spending a year in Brazil as a missionary in 2007, God started calling Shigeko back to Japan to bring the Gospel to her own people. For the first two years, God placed Shigeko in camp ministry in the outskirts of Tokyo, reaching out to the most responsive segment of the Japanese population: children and youth. Yet her deep desire to serve the people affected from the 2011 triple disaster in northern Japan continued to be her passion. Last year in April, she finally moved to Iwaki, Fukushima, the home to more than 20,000 evacuees who were displaced due to the nuclear disaster. Shigeko has been walking alongside the women, both young and old, through English ministries and counselling. She is also actively involved with the city-wide Christmas committee and prayer ministries.

Email Shigeko Yamaguma for more info.

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Congo Initiative Jessica (Shewan) Lembelembe

Jessica serves with Congo Initiative, a multicultural community committed to transformation in the Democratic Republic of Congo through educating ethical leaders, investing in sustainable and vibrant Congolese society, and developing grassroots initiatives for peace, hope, and justice. Jessica builds local and international partnerships for Congo Initiative because she loves seeing the global church working together. She also teaches peace studies courses at CI's Christian Bilingual University of Congo.

Email Jessica for more info.

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I am very passionate that outreach or ministry should be sustainable... So locals have the ability to continue the outreach and flourish if workers/ missionaries had to leave for any reason. The focus of my work with refugees is multifaceted. A few ways in which I will be doing this is through flourishing community outreaches: ESL classes, church plants, and in-home fellowship / Bible studies. We are actively expanding our presence through advocating for the most vulnerable in the refugee population, who are victimized (mostly children) by sex trafficking and forced labor. Through these integrated approaches of outreach, we are serving each unique community to see their lives and communities transformed by the power of God.

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