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More than ever, your financial donations will allow us to not only keep the Grace Care Center open but to capitalize on your generosity through extended discounts we receive through our local partners.

Financial donations are processed through the nonprofit fundraising arm of the Grace Care Center, The Foundation for Sustainable Care.

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Make A Difference In Your Community 3 Ways to Donate Today!

Are you looking to donate items to the Care Center, but aren't sure what is needed? From a simple can of soup to clothing to cars, all of these can help! Below are 3 great ways for you to donate and get more involved in what God is doing through this community!

Drop-off Donations

We are currently accepting food, clothing, and household items in our Care Center Food Pantry and Thrift Store.

When you arrive at the Grace Care Center, look for signage on the East side of the building directing you to the proper drop off location at Office Entrance (Door #14).

12-Month Green Bag Program

Take a step further in healing the Broken Place of Injustice by supporting your local community through food donations, sign up for our Green Bag Program. It's a 12-month commitment where you pick an item (or two or three) that we need most in the pantry (ex: pasta, laundry detergent, flour, sugar, etc.) and commit to bringing a set amount every month for 12 months. You can even set this up on Amazon, Walmart, or Target to auto-deliver each month! To have your items shipped straight to Grace, send to:

Grace Care Center
5504 East 146th Street
Noblesville, IN 46062

12-Month Green Bag Signup

Vehicle Donations

Thinking of selling your used vehicle? Consider donating it to the Grace Care Center instead! Even if you're car isn't in great shape we can fix it up or trade it in to provide cars to families in need all over central Indiana. You’ll receive a tax receipt for your donation, and will be able to claim the deduction on your taxes for the calendar or fiscal year in which you made the gift. 

Donate My Vehicle

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Request a Tax Letter

Here, you can request a letter acknowledging your gift to the Grace Care Center. Please complete the form linked below to request your donation letter.