Christmas Store FAQs

Get your questions about The Grace Care Center Christmas Store!

Organized by the Grace Care Center, The Christmas Store is a holiday shopping experience for 'Care Center Friends' (families involved with the Grace Care Center Food Pantry or English Classes) and other community members to pick out free holiday gifts for their immediate family.

The items available in The Christmas Store are purchased by Care Center staff thanks to generous donations collected through this online Christmas Donation Store throughout November & December.

The Christmas Store in-person shopping experience is available to Care Center families and other community members who make advance shopping reservations.

Toys and items geared towards children are the most sought-after items in The Christmas Store. Everyone loves a new doll, ball, or board game!

However, many families also have teenagers in the household. To support a gift for a teenager, we recommend purchasing a Thrift Store Gift Card above in increments of $10. A gift card enables the teenager to select their own clothing or household goods most needed.

There are two main ways to help support The Christmas Store shopping experience:

1) 'Purchase' (i.e. donate money for) specific gifts in this online store. Care Center staff members will then take the money donated and purchase the items to stock the in-person shopping experience in December.

2) Donate money using the 'Shop For Me' item in the online store. Shop for Me!
This store item allows donations in increments of $10, $50, or $100 which will then be used to purchase the most needed items for the store.

Yes! The best way to donate money to help fund The Christmas Store is by selecting the Shop for Me! item in the online store.

The Shop for Me item allows you to donate money in $10, $50, or $100 increments, that will then be used to purchase gifts to stock the store.

No. The online store is means for donating money towards The Christmas Store.

You are making a donation which allows the Care Center staff to go out and purchase the specific items to be given away during in-person shopping. New or used toys are not being accepted for the Christmas Store.

All donations will be used to purchase toys for our Care Center Christmas Store. No goods or services are received in connection with this gift.