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Grace is a great place to work, just ask our staff! If God has called you to work at Grace, we'd love for you to apply. We've listed the current openings below. To apply, email your cover letter, and resume directly to Julie Meiners. The cover letter should include the position for which you are applying, specific reasons you are interested in the role and how your experience qualifies you for the position. We are unable to accept resumes that are not submitted for a specific open role. One more quick note before you apply: To be placed in a staff role at Grace Church, you must be (or be willing to become) a member of the Covenant Community

Grace Church Job Openings

Purpose of the Job

Direct and oversee all aspects of the Bookstore and Café while supporting the ministries and congregation of Grace Church.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee the Daily Functions and Ministry of the Grace Bookstore and Café

  • Indirectly leads a volunteer team of 40+ individuals

  • Serve staff and congregation during hours of operations while maintaining back end responsibilities: order and input in inventory all café and bookstore supplies, keep merchandise and supplies organized in closet or bookstore for restocking, meet with sales representatives, maintain and update merchandise displays, update weekly café specials, maintain daily sales by closing out registers and print Z reports and turn in cash sales to accounting, effectively manage customer services issues

  • Manage and maintain the Point of Sale System and coordinate with IT for necessary updates and routine maintenance 

  • Recruit, train, schedule, and shepherd a volunteer team of 40-80 individuals; send weekly emails to volunteer team about signing up to serve and any ministry updates   

  • Integrate with staff to provide relevant resources in conjunction with ministry themes, and support ministry events as needed through café resources

  • Monthly meeting with Hospitality team, bi-weekly meeting with Director of Hospitality, Monthly Staff meeting, attend Covenant Community

  • Complete annual physical inventory at the end of August

  • Maintain a 20-hour workweek: Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon, Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon, Saturdays from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., and Sundays from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; being flexible to support events during other times of the year

General Requirements

  • High School Diploma required, Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

  • Proven leadership abilities

  • 5 + years of retail management experience

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Customer-Driven

  • Computer literate in retail POS software and PC office software

  • Committed to the mission, vision, and values of Grace Church

  • Ability to regularly lift 25lbs or more

  • Ability to stand, bend and reach regularly through the workday


  • Hospitality

  • Helps

  • Leadership

  • Administration

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Julie Meiners, Director of HR, by clicking the button below.


Purpose of the Job

The Associate Director of Video, Technical Systems and Events is primarily responsible for management of technical systems throughout the Grace 146th Street Campus, with a specific emphasis on technical support and video oversight for weekend worship services in South Auditorium. In addition, this individual will assist in the operation, maintenance and repair of significant audio, lighting, and video systems throughout the campus. This role carries responsibility for leading and training volunteers on the Grace Church Volunteer Video Team. Currently, this role will also assume responsibility over the Production of the North Indy Campus during Sunday services. In addition, he or she will assist in or oversee the running and management of various campus special events, as assigned.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Recruit, train, schedule, and shepherd a volunteer team to run all “back of house” video projects including, but not limited to, weekend services (IMAG) and live web streaming (broadcast)

  • Participate in both campus and individual volunteer appreciation efforts

  • Experience in creative video directing in a live event setting with multiple cameras

  • Oversee an advanced video broadcast-style control room and how to integrate the use of video systems with live events

  • Ability to operate video broadcast, audio, lighting or computer graphics systems as assigned for worship services or events with other staff and volunteers

  • Provide on-call or on-site systems support (troubleshooting) for Grace 146th Street Campus events and services

  • Conduct regular research into equipment and production trends, making proposals for repairs, upgrades, capital improvements, etc. as needed

  • Perform basic maintenance of A/V/L equipment throughout the 146th Street Campus, including tasks such as routine cleanings, lighting focus and stage set-ups (or lead volunteers in these tasks)

  • Perform tier-one and tier-two trouble-shooting and repair of audio, lighting and video system issues.

  • Manage packaging and shipping responsibilities for equipment that needs to return to the manufacturer for repair/evaluation

  • Assist in organization and use of Grace Workshop, including maintenance of tools, and production inventory

  • Participate in the planning, implementation and systems support for special events including weddings, funerals, ministry support and community events, as assigned

  • Assist in the implementation of Production Arts upgrade projects & initiatives

  • Contribute to the process of evaluating and creating a 146th Street Production Arts thematic goal as a member of the 146th Street Production Arts Team

  • Approximately 5-10 hours a week will be spent working at Grace Church North Indy which is a portable production system. Responsibilities include oversight of Sunday morning services, participation in load-in/load-out of portable church and general upkeep of portable church gear

  • Must be able to maintain accurate records of tasks completed, financial expenditures and equipment repairs

Technical Requirements

  • Requires demonstrated, intermediate to expert knowledge of large-scale theatrical production systems, with the understanding of complex signal path, including, but not limited to, audio, lighting, staging, and video equipment

  • Must have a passion for both large-scale and small-scale technical equipment, willing to support and work with both

  • Must be willing to perform routine, repetitive tasks, such as maintenance and cleaning of equipment

  • Must possess the ability to train and lovingly support all types (age, experience, gender, cultural backgrounds, and varied skillsets) of volunteers, in a creative and patient manner, in the use of technical A/V/L equipment and processes for both small events and large gatherings

  • Must have experience in audio, lighting and video media systems

General Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related technical fields such as Theatre, Media, Broadcast or A/V/L Production preferred

  • Must be physically able to maneuver heavy stage equipment including monitors, platforms, and equipment up to 50 lbs.; must be comfortable operating hydraulic lifts and working above 25’

  • Ability to work a varied schedule which will regularly include evenings and weekends

  • Personal Characteristics:

    • Adaptable, flexible personality style, thriving on variety and new challenges

    • Ability to work with a wide range of personality styles

    • Calm under pressure

    • Strong desire for organization

    • Self-motivated, enjoys working with teams and independently

  • 2-5 years of progressively responsible production experience, preferably in a church environment

  • Proven experience in the following areas of skill:

    • Leading adult and student volunteers, including training, shepherding and scheduling

    • Ability to clearly translate technical knowledge and procedures into “layman” terms

    • Demonstrated experience in large scale theatrical production systems including audio, lighting, staging, computer graphics and video broadcast equipment

    • Experience and ability to support by large-scale and small-scale A/V equipment

    • Ability to provide basic troubleshooting to all types of technical equipment including audio, lighting and video systems

    • Requires the ability to communicate (both verbal and written) with excellence


  • Leadership

  • Shepherding

  • Creative Communication

  • Administration

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Julie Meiners, Director of HR, by clicking the button below.


Purpose of the Job

Grace Kids Event Childcare is the childcare program which takes place during evening ministry events throughout the year. This role is designed to provide a safe, loving and engaging environment for children in our Event childcare programs, as well as assist Grace Church in loving children to Jesus and in demonstrating Grace core values to these children and their families.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Provide quality and dependable care for children such as diaper changes, encouraging safe play, secure check-in and out procedure, etc.

  • Follow safe and reasonable childcare practices and discipline.

  • Contact Childcare Coordinator if unable to provide care.

  • Return the room to the way it originally was by picking up toys, vacuuming and cleaning messes as needed.

  • Inventory needed supplies and let Childcare Coordinator know when supplies are low (diapers, snacks, etc.)

  • Maintain nursery cleanliness by wiping down all used toys with disinfectant wipes after every use. Sanitizing all toys, mats, etc. two times a year using a bleach bath solution.

  • Discuss with Childcare Coordinator any concerns about children when necessary.


  • Ability to work evening shifts

  • Must be 16+ with a work permit

  • Childcare staff may bring children with them up to 5th grade

  • CPR not required, but beneficial


  • Helps

  • Encouragement

Please submit your resume to Julie Meiners, Director of HR, by clicking the button below.


Purpose of the Job

The Production Arts Coordinator for the Auditorium is responsible for Production’ role in the weekend worship experience at the North Indy campus. This role includes responsibility for the technical direction of weekend worship services, leading volunteers in live mixing, computer graphics, lighting, setup, and tear down during the weekend services.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Serve as Weekend Technical Director, providing leadership and technical oversight of the production elements for weekend worship services in collaboration with the Associate Pastor of Experience – North Indy  

  • Lead and assist in the weekly set-up of the worship and production equipment in the Auditorium, as well as periodic stage platform and background changes

General Requirements

  • Must be physically able to maneuver heavy stage equipment up to 50 lbs. Must be comfortable operating hydraulic lifts and working above 25’

  • Ability to work Thursday nights for weekend rehearsal and Sunday mornings for weekend worship. 

  • Personal Characteristics:

    • Adaptable flexible personality style.

    • Calm under pressure

    • Strong desire for organization

  • 2-3 years of progressively responsible production experience, preferably in a church environment

  • Proven experience in the following areas of skill:

    • Ability to clearly translate technical knowledge and procedures into “layman” terms

    • Demonstrated experience in large scale theatrical production systems including audio, lighting, staging, and computer graphics.

    • Experience and ability to support by large scale and small scale A/V equipment

    • Ability to provide basic troubleshooting to all types of technical equipment including audio, lighting and video systems


  • Helps

  • Shepherding

  • Leadership

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Julie Meiners, Director of HR, by clicking the button below.


Purpose of the Job

This role exists to manage the facilities team and provide consistent direction for the use of the Grace 146th Street Campus facility for internal and external events. This role will interface with staff throughout the event planning process, use event management software for reservations of rooms, resources and support services, oversee the preparation of gathering spaces for all ministry events, and perform administrative tasks related to purchasing supplies and equipment. This individual is also responsible for establishing event management policies, which promote cost effective and judicious use of Grace facilities. This role works with the Associate Pastor of Experience and the Facilities team to effectively create, care for and maintain warm, welcoming environments for all who come to Grace.

Essential Job Responsibilities

Event Coordination

  • Consult with ministry teams in planning and implementing internal events.

  • Serve as point of contact for quoting and approving external events hosted by Grace Church.

  • Collaborate with the Funeral and Wedding Liaisons.

  • Develop and update building use and reservation policies within the Events Handbook. Communicate, train and enforce policies with staff and outside groups.

  • Ensure resources are provided, set up as requested, and the event space is appropriately prepared.

Event Software Oversight

  • Review new room reservation software requests with 24 hours.

    • Identify and resolve reservation conflicts.

    • Coordinate with Event Support Teams regarding event needs as needed.

    • Provide responses to ministry teams in a timely manner.

  • Collaborate with Information Technology Team on the room reservation software database to resolve program errors to improve system enhancements.

    • Run weekly, monthly and annual reports regarding building usage and events, as needed.

    • Provide regular training to staff in use of reservation software, including new hire orientation.

Event Traffic and Security

  • Review upcoming events for large attendance or children, requiring added security and/or traffic.

  • Confirm schedule with Traffic Liaison and Grace Safety Team Calendar.

  • Schedule weekend Security Coordinators in Planning Center Online.


  • Maintain event documents – Events Handbook, Funeral Handbook, Wedding Handbook – in collaboration with all the campuses.

  • Have a working knowledge of Word/Publisher, Excel and Outlook (email)

  • Supervise custodial and set-up staff including approving timesheets, scheduling, performance reviews, and disciplinary actions.

  • Manage inventory, order custodial supplies/equipment, submit invoices and maintain vendor relationships.

  • Meet with newly hired staff to provide safety information and keys as part of the orientation process.

  • Create and post room usage schedule for frequently used classrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

  • Oversight and management of grounds maintenance.

  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Associate Pastor of Experience.


  • Monthly One-on-One with Assoc. Pastor of Experience

  • Facilities Team Meeting(s)

  • Monthly Staff Meeting and weekly Staff Prayer

  • New Event Meetings

Directly Supervises

  • Associate Director Facilities/Maintenance

  • Associate Director Facilities

  • Coordinator Facilities/Maintenance

  • Coordinator Facilities

General Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience prefered

  • 2 – 5 years of progressively responsible event management and facilities management experience

  • Experience managing hourly staff

  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. comfortably, to stand, bend, twist, and reach regularly during workday

  • Proven experience in the following areas of skill:

    • Time management

    • Self-motivation

    • Attention to details


  • Helps

  • Administration

  • Leadership

  • Discernment

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Julie Meiners, Director of HR, by clicking the button below.


Purpose of the Job

The Director of IT is responsible and accountable for the smooth running of Grace’s computer systems within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs, and timelines. This position supervises and maintains staff technology and network needs. 

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee Grace's computer systems and networks.

  • Point of contact for all staff and volunteer technical needs.

  • Installation and troubleshooting software.

  • Configuring and deploying hardware.

  • Managing and responding to Help Desk requests.

  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues remotely.

  • Stay on top of evolving technology and software trends.

  • Provide ongoing training and support to staff and volunteers.

  • Create, maintain, and enforce IT policies across the organization.

  • Manage and maintain Active Directory and Group Policy environment.

  • Travel between campuses to resolve technical and network issues.

  • Oversee asset management software.

  • Participate in the on-call schedule to provide coverage for urgent issues and outages affecting the office and production environments.

Preferred Abilities 

  • Basic networking experience

  • VMware experience

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit experience

  • Office 365 Administration proficiency

  • Microsoft Active Directory proficiency

  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Server environments


  • Leadership

  • Problem Solving

  • Creative Communication

  • Administration

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Julie Meiners, Director of HR, by clicking the button below.


Purpose of the Job

The Director of Worship role is designed to oversee and implement the use of musical worship to help create experiences that draw the people of Grace into life-changing encounters with God. This role is responsible for worship leading, oversight of musical worship volunteers, including volunteer shepherding and training, as well as administration of music operations of the various worship experiences that take place in the life of the Grace 146th Street campus.

Please include a video of yourself leading worship when submitting your application.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Leadership and shepherding of volunteer music team members including rehearsals, weekend worship services, events, and one-on-one check-ins.

  • Regular evaluation, encouragement, and coaching of volunteer music team members, providing feedback, and development opportunities.

  • Recruit and audition new team members.

  • Lead worship during weekend services 2-3x a month.

  • Attend the 146th Campus Service Design and Production meetings, helping to creatively program aspects of the worship experience and speaking directly into music-related elements.

  • Partner with ministry teams to identify and meet worship leading needs for events including, but not limited to Community Life, Kids & Students, Covenant Community membership gatherings, special events, etc.

  • Assist Associate Pastor of Experience in researching new music selections, styles, and trends in musical worship.

  • Serve as an itinerant musician as necessary.

  • Assist with creating, arranging and transposing chord charts, lead sheets, and roadmaps.

  • Keep Planning Center and the Rock database up-to-date with pertinent information (service details, musical repertoire, and volunteer info).

  • Scheduling volunteer band/vocalists for weekends and other services as directed.

  • Communicate weekly service details and needs with Production Director(s) and scheduled volunteers.

  • Prepare weekly musical resources for volunteer teams (charts, roadmaps, Ableton LIVE tracks).

  • Maintenance and upkeep of instruments in all worship spaces.

  • Help maintain and track worship budgets.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music or related area preferred.

  • 3+ years of progressively responsible leadership experience in a medium to a large church.

  • Proven experience in the following areas of skill:

    • Band leading and music/vocal directing.

    • Ability to work independently and in collaborative team environments.

    • Strong organizational and administrative skills.

    • Competent vocalist with a confident yet relatable presence and infectious energy.

    • Understanding of music technology (DAW, Ableton LIVE, Planning Center) and musical equipment (Electric Guitar Amplifiers, Drums, and Keyboards).

    • Ability to listen to recordings and transcribe instrumental and vocal parts.

    • Competence in piano/keys and/or guitar.


  • Musical Leadership

  • Administration

  • Helps

  • Encouragement

  • Interpersonal Communications Skills

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Julie Meiners, Director of HR, by clicking the button below.


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