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Disability Ministry

Serving Children & Students with Disabilities Welcome to LIFT!

LIFT (Loving Individuals and Families Together) is the disability ministry at Grace Church. Our expert staff and volunteers partner with parents to deliver a customized experience for children and students to experience God, have fun in community, and meet their needs.

LIFT for students and kids is offered Sunday mornings during both services.

Questions? Contact Us.

We Can't Wait to Meet You New to LIFT?

If you'll be joining us for the first time, please take a moment to preregister your family so we can do everything possible to prepare an incredible experience for you and your family.

Self-Contained Rooms

Each LIFT service includes worship, plus large group Bible teaching using dramas, video elements, games and other interactive activities. Our self-contained room might be right for your child if they:

  • Are in a self-contained classroom at school or attend a private ABA program 
  • Do better in a smaller more intentional setting 
  • Are more of a visual/interactive learner 
  • Have difficulty sitting through an hour of Bible discussion 
  • Have difficulty with transitions

Buddy Program

LIFT buddies are offered at all campuses. Buddies are high school or adult volunteers who love and assist students in the typical age appropriate room or small groups. A buddy might be right for your child if they:

  • Have an aide at school or mainstream majority of their school day 
  • Need to take frequent breaks 
  • Need extra help with socially appropriate behaviors 
  • Have physical limitations where a buddy would help provide safety


If you have questions about our ministry for children and students with disabilities, check out the list here. If you have further questions, please reach out and let us know! 

Sundays, during the 9:15 and 11:00 a.m. services

This depends on the child. While our team can recommend the program (self-contained classrooms or 1:1 buddy program) that is best for your child it is decided on by the parent.

Self-contained Classroom
If your child is in a self-contained classroom or ABA program, has difficulty with transitions, loud noises and larger groups then the self-contained classrooms would be the best fit.

Buddy Program
However, if your child has an aide or is mainstreamed most of their school day but can participate with their peers while receiving some extra help for learning, communication and/or behavior then the buddy program would be a good fit

Contact Us

Our buildings are equipped with a numeric paging system that allows us to notify parents if their assistance is needed.

If your child participates in our 1:1 buddy program, we ask for open communication between the parent, LIFT Buddy and LIFT Director. If a last-minute absence is necessary for the volunteer leader your child is welcome to attend our LIFT classrooms at either the 9:15 or 11:00 Sunday service. If you would like for your child to stay in their age level classroom, a parent must stay with them.

Yes! We offer respite events and family events. Our respite events are created to allow parents of children in our LIFT ministry, and sometimes siblings, time away to reconnect and spend time together. Family events are designed to create community with one another while having fun!

There are multiple respite events and family events through the ministry year. 

What is required for my child to attend a respite event?

All our events require registration. We ask that only children who participate in our 1:1 buddy program or attend our self-contained classrooms sign up for our respite events. This ensures that our staff and leaders know your child and their needs as well as your child feeling comfortable with our team.

Can my family attend family events or invite families to the event with us?

Absolutely! We love to have families of kids with disabilities attend our events. This is a great outreach opportunity for Grace families to get to know our ministry and our church as well invite new people to Grace.

If possible, please pre-register your family so we can be ready to provide you the best possible experience when you arrive on Sunday morning.

Pre-registering is not required, but it does allow us to be more fully equipped to serve you and your loved one.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Yes, each child who comes to our LIFT classrooms will hear about God and His love for them. They will participate in student led, musical worship, intentional Bible stories (which are taught in a fun, interactive, and hands on way), as well as prayer.

We use consistent weekly cues to help create predictability, engagement and independence in the children. Kids will also get to use prayer cards and help share prayer requests regardless of their level of communication. Children are encouraged to sit and participate in the lesson, but we also understand that they may need to get up and move, play with something in their hands or take a break.

Because our goal is to have children paired up with a leader 1:1 or 2:1, it helps us have intentional conversations with each child about God. 

Yes! Many of our volunteer leaders work with kids and adults with disabilities in their profession outside of their serving role. Anyone who serves is trained by the LIFT staff on best practice as well as our policies and procedures. 

Volunteer with LIFT

Love and serve families with children and students with disabilities. 

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