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Jesus is my rock and my Savior. He said that life isn't easy, but He conquered the world so I trust in Him. This means I cry to Him, I fight with Him, I put my insecurities on Him, etc.

About Me

I'm Brazilian. I’ve been married almost for 9 years to David Hiatt and we have an almost 4 years old girl, Anna Gabriellla (she is a gift from Jesus through IVF, but this is another story…).

About the Cancer

Last year, on December 23, I had surgery due to back and neck pain. On January 4, my doctor called me and told me that they found cancer cells on my left breast from a biopsy taken during the surgery. I was still in recovery from previous surgery, so it felt like my world was beginning to fall apart. It took me two days to be at peace with the Lord, to understand His plans, and to see that He was saving me from something worse. I put all my trust in His hands. Support from family in Brazil and my friends here in Indiana came in handy. God used so many people to surround me with his love and grace!

Then on April 18, I had a double mastectomy. Fishers Campus Pastor, Kevin Roth, and another minister came to the hospital and prayed with us before the surgery. I felt so blessed when he used oil to anoint me and it gave me so much peace in my heart.

Since the surgery, my mom and cousin have been a great support for me and my husband. They’ve been a great source of joy to us, just like last weekend: being in these types of relationships is the first step to knowing “joy” like God intended.

How This Changed Me

At the time of my surgery, I was always thinking about me and my life. Now, that has changed. I’m different. I realize that my life belongs to Jesus and I trust in Him to take care of me when I don’t know what is going on. I’ve also learned that life is a battle and we need to be firm our faith daily. We also need to be more thankful (even in the little things). He carried that cross not in vain. My battle with cancer has revealed just one way he wants me to honor His name. Now I'm cancer free! God is great and I praise His name! Jesus is my joy! Jesus e a minha alegria!

Two More Tidbits

I want to use this platform to say thank you to my doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists.

For those that are in this battle, I have learned that worship music has helped spur me on in the difficult times. I’ve been listening to a lot of
Lauren Daigle and For King and Country songs as well as some Brazilian gospels songs, which make me strong in faith and help me with my joy.

Don't Do it Alone

As you've heard from my story, the struggle is real. If you are battling something, anything, don't try to do it alone. You need Jesus. You need people who will come along side you and love you no matter what. You need hope. If you've been at Grace and still aren't sure how to get connect, email their team. Tell them a little about yourself, and they will get you connected!


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