Hope, Prayer Praying Your Way Into Easter

By Michelle Williams

Spring can be an overwhelming season - vacations, kids off from school, activities starting up, taxes due, etc. This means it can be particularly difficult to prepare our hearts and lives for the miracle we celebrate on Easter, and even more difficult to think about inviting friends to come along! Would you join us in taking just a few minutes every day over the next week to pray? Prayer not only changes lives and circumstances through God's power but also connects us to our Creator's presence, aligning our hearts with His. 

To help you get started, we've gathered a few prayer prompts to lead us into celebrating our Savior this Easter season. You can pray through all of them, pick and choose, or just pray as you wish! We hope this is helpful, and know that we're praying alongside you. 

  • Take a moment to give God thanks for times you felt moved or positively impacted by the Easter story and messages that have been delivered about it. Tell God how grateful you are that He sent His son Jesus to us.
  • Ask God to work through our pastors and worship team to repurpose the stigma about doubts and skepticism for good.  
  • Ask that the Holy Spirit fills you with the faith and courage to step out of your comfort zone to invite someone to Easter at Grace.
  • Invite God to reveal to you a person who would be uplifted by the message He will give to our team for Easter.
  • Pray that many people experience the welcoming and loving presence of the Holy Spirit at Grace Church on Easter morning.
  • Pray that those who have avoided Easter services in the past due to sensory concerns discover that Grace Church is making room to comfortably include them on Easter and always at our church!
  • Pray that those who are longing to have their own story of faith experience a profound moment of impact with Jesus this Easter.
  • Pray for safety and peace for those who are unable to gather with loved ones or observe Easter traditions at home due to the war in Ukraine.
  • Pray for revival as new seekers hear the gospel with fresh ears and open hearts, leading them to desire understanding more about Jesus.

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