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My family and I have been attending the Fishers campus for the last couple of years, and we love the community at Grace Church. When Maggie Johnson, the Rooted Director at Fishers, asked me to consider being a Rooted leader in the pilot, I was skeptical. It was a sense of not knowing what it would entail and how Rooted would work long-term for Grace that made me feel apprehensive. But I knew God had been urging me to step out in faith and be bold in ministry. A couple weeks later, I was sitting in the leader development meeting, and I started to hear the vision of Rooted and how it would bring deeper community with consistent curriculum and teaching. After the meeting, I began to see how Rooted would not only impact Grace Church, but also people like me who desperately want to find their calling.

As the weeks went on with my Rooted pilot group, I started to see how God had not only been working in my life, but that He was working in my group members as well. It was amazing to me how we became comfortable with sharing intimate details from our lives and felt safe to talk about hard issues. We barely knew each other, but God worked in a way that I know only could have been orchestrated by Him. I began to realize that God had given me a passion for vulnerability and helping others tell their stories boldly. I began to see God shift something in my heart so that I was able to talk with people about my faith in Jesus. I had grown up in the church all of my life, but struggled to make my faith personal. Faith had always been a “cookie-cutter” approach, and Rooted helped me discover that faith in Jesus is a unique and personal experience. I couldn’t be more thankful for the ways Rooted has allowed me to ask hard questions and learn from my group members.

Since Rooted, I’ve found a calling in being an advocate for women pursuing ministry, and I’ve discovered a love for writing. I’ve finally mustered up the courage to begin the stages of writing my first book to help shed light on vulnerability and how we can live boldly in how God created each of us. Without Rooted, I don’t think I would have been brave enough to share my story or ask bold questions. I’m so thankful for my group members and my wonderful co-leader, Mark Hartman, for always being my sounding board if I needed help.

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